Nigerian Shops Closed Temporally

Six shops belonging to Nigerian businessmen have been vandalized by the youth in Wa during a protest.

This was Revealed by Chief of Igbo Community in Wa by name Chief Chikah Francis on 17th of September 2022.

They believe kidnapping activities are rampant in Nigeria and the Nigerians may have a hand in the current incident of kidnappings and suspected ritualist activities in the Wa township.

Youth Agitating in Wa

The youth of Wa in the Upper West Region earlier today staged a demonstration amidst the burning of lorry tires to register their displeasure following another suspected kidnapping in the Municipality.

Wa and its environs have been bedeviled with kidnapping and killings over the past few months.

9 persons have been reportedly kidnapped with four of them killed and parts of their bodies removed between 2021 and September this year.

The deaths include that of a 60-year-old man who was mysteriously murdered over the week.

The youth before embarking on the demonstration besieged the Wa Naa’s palace to register their displeasure over recent happenings.

Police in Wa used tear gas to disperse the angry mob.

The Upper West Regional Security Council Thursday, September 15, issued a statement underlining measures to deal with the surge in criminal activities in the Wa Municipality after a stakeholder engagement was organized by the police administration.

Less than 24 hours after the Upper West Security Council released a statement on measures taken to deal with the situation, the youth of Wa took to the street to register their displeasure with the current security situation.

1st Issue(Occured 17th April 2022 At High Ranking International School, he was killed with parts missing.

2nd Issue(16th of June 2022, Man Found Buried with parts missing at T.I Ahmadiyya JHS on Bamahu Stretch.

3rd(On July 30th, 2022, A security Man who was employed to oversee two-storey buildings was found dead with parts missing including his heart according to the Police Commander)

4th Issue (Security Man was declared Missing by Police Along the Nakorn Road on 23rd August 2022. Name Yahaya Alhassan Aged 68)

5th Issue – Friday 9th September 2022(Occured at Child Support Ghana Orphanage Home.) He escaped death narrowly after a woman shouted.

6th Issue – Sunday 11th September 2022(Occured at Star Standards International School within Napogebakolee) He has been kidnapped and has not been found

Also in 2021;

February 2021 (A Man by Name Kojo Kunta AKA Ogyam was killed in front of Info Radio).

2nd Issue (A Man was killed between Loho and Kaleo on 31st August 2021.

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