One Nigerian Business Man Has been Rushed to Kumasi For Treatment

Some irate youth in Wa have stormed shops and house late hours of 16th September and early hours of 17th September Respectively.

Over 5 Shops were vandalised on 16th of September, spare parts and money were looted per reports from Chikah Francis Okoye, leader of the Igbo Community in Wa.

A man was hit with a stone whilst one of our women was Assaulted with a knife.

“Yesterday, they went to some of our shops and stole our goods, parked everything, the other place they used knife on a woman and parked everything, they really attacked our people, one is currently in critical condition, they used a stone on his head and he has been Rushed to Kumasi for Treatment by an ambulance.”

Mr. Chika admitted that without the intervention of the Police he would have been Attacked and killed.

“If not for the police they would have killed me”.

He called for Swift Investigations into the Issue in order for Justice to be served.

Several security men have been kidnapped with others killed in the Wa Municipality, this has resulted in Residents of Wa suspecting Nigerians.


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