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In the Islamic Marriage, if a man and a woman are separated by a misunderstanding for up to three months without resolution, it has affected that marriage and there has to be a renewal of vow to reunite the couple again.

A man and wife should not go up to three months without talking to each other, sleeping with each other or greeting each other under the same roof, however, if a man or a wife has an affair outside and another partner sees his wife or husband, he or she has to produce 3 witnesses to also witness the suspect in the act else the marriage cannot be dissolved.

This according to Islamic scholars it’s to prevent the increase in broken homes due to cheating and having affairs outside, however after a married man or woman cheats in Islam, he or she should be stoned to death whilst buried in the soil with his or her head suspending on Earth.

However this law is not being practiced in Upper West Region due to the absence of the implementation of Islamic law called Sharia.

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