Amora threatened upper west Media Journalists

A Waala man by name Amora Baadi has gone to Facebook threatening to attack journalist of upper west’ online mediahouse located in Wa.

The Young man suggested the media published articles not in his interest and by this suggested the reporters were digging their own graves for publishing displeasing articles.


“This guy is just digging his own grave i must say. I remember sometime back when this guy was scolded over an unwarranted publication just like this very article on Ghana web. No due diligence was done. No healthy investigations. You know absolutely nothing about the statutes of the student handbook that authenticates who and as and when and how such a publication can be made. For this one a price would have to be paid frankly speaking so better prepare yourself.
NB!! I know the findings and subsequent actions against you will be published by your own self.”

The young man who works with ESPON phones in Wa was overheard by some residents who disclosed to Upperwestmedia Team that his Junior Sister’s Profane video was published by the media house and this action brought a lot of discomfort to him with reasons being that the media has brought shame to himself and his sister Muna for publishing their Video on its page. His sister could be recalled in a video saying “Te na LA waali biihi an viela a be Accra a nyawra yoe” this video brought the town to a standstill for some number of days.

Mr. Amora has since the declared his hate for Upperwestmedia suggesting he will hunt its journalists.


One thought on “Waala Man Threatens Upper West Media Journalists over Publications[Photo]”
  1. And you think this is a threat? Come on. We don’t just sit anywhere and start posting / publicising news we no nothing about. And that video has bad content in it why then promote it.
    I think most of you are not qualified to be called journalist. You can’t leave SHS and find yourself a radio station or a website and start posting things. It’s not done. There are lots of issues happening and you’re here promoting videos with bad content. Mtcheew

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