People of Billi Community in Nadowli-Kaleo

A story is told of five (5) households with a population of 38 people and small farming community in the Nadowli/ Kaleo District that have earned high reputation from neighbouring communities, the Nadowli / Kaleo District WASH Team, CDA- Ghana and partners in the Unicef sub sector as the community demonstrate the power of self – help initiatives to mobilizing themselves for their community’s ODF status celebration.

The Field Facilitators who graced the celebration took turns  and addressed the community on the CLTS ladder. They have charged the community to reach sanitized level.

The community members added that, they are already ripping the benefits of the CLTS interventions as they no longer record stomach pains that could traceable to the success of the intervention.

The community members further that they no longer have their pigs dying from eating feaces in the open; their environment is not engulf with filt and offensive odour as well.

The celebration which including marry making ending with Two Natural Leaders receiving certificate of excellence for the significant contribution in making the community ODF. The People of the community were also given a certificate of excellence for attaining the ODF status.

The Billi community has been one of the 16 communities ODF communities under phase I of the GoG- Unicef Result Based Financing scheme communities entered by the Nadowli/ Kaleo District Field Facilitators.

The community under the guidance of Naa Peter a field facilitator was among the first batch of communities to be declared ODF in 29th January, 2019. The occasion which was held on 19th June, 2019 has the assemblyman of the Duong Electoral Area gracing the events.

By: Tahiru Lukman
Tel: 0209154057 / 0551018778

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