As most people would think Musicians are in the Game to earn quick cash and fame, Ghanaian artistes, Ghanaguyz known for their flexibility have challenged that point directed to them claiming they do music for money. interviewed LowBal and L-stone who make-up the group,: music is something we do at our leisure time to thrill our fans, we deem it a pleasure to entertain but for the purpose of making money is not what we planned before joining the game, most of these artistes go for shows just to make money and later rely on that, it shouldn’t be something you do to feed’ LowBal of Ghanaguyz Said.

L-stone also responded by saying ‘to me music has come to thrill and not drill us so lets use it wisely to change society positively, music shouldn’t be done for the purpose of the money and fame but for the passion’.

Ghanaguyz is a music group started in 2011 by L-stone and LowBal who have an album as a group, they have produced several songs including Son Of God, Yawa Girl, Sake Your Body, Real Love Never Dies Among Others.


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