Western Togolanders found in Tumu

The Tumu Police have arrested and detained ten persons from the Western Togoland liberation movement Saturday 30th November 2019.

According to the Police who referred me to the regional Police PRO,Wa, the group who claim to be breaking away from Ghana after what they say is the expiration of the plebescite in 1956 were in Tumu to sensitize the Tumu traditional council on the Western Togoland territories which the group claim includes: Tumu ,Damango,Zuarongo and other as parts of their territory of the Western Togoland the secretary Michal Hide said.

The information from the Police said, that ,on the 28th of October 2019 they received a letter from the Tumu traditional council requesting for a meeting by leaders of the Western Togoland liberation movement.
The Police said they have yet to be charged but will refer the case to the regional Police command in Wa for further action.

When the RADFORDFM visited them at the Tumu Police station last night, the group leader said they had embarked on this trip to get people to know the history of the liberation and indicated that it’s a continuous visit they embarked on months back and Tumu is not the only place being visited.
Those kept by the Police includes:Michael Hofe secretary and 49years old,Ismael Dziraku 82years,Togbe Kugo ||.The rest are Umjonganti Samuel 54,George Luhor Kalevor 49,Umar Abdul Samed 53, Mohammed Karim 44,Hodiba Innocent 68,Katy Kanu Emmanuel 58 and Maglo ICe Mawuli 34 years.

By: Mohammed Balu,Tumu

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