Two years before 2018, men in Wa municipality had strong passion for nurses and could do anything to put one inside the house.

If a man hadn’t married a ‘green and white’ then they are not respected in the society, friends saw one not to be up to the task.
Should we regard it as ‘do what they want syndrome of People in Wa’?
There was so much pride in Marrying nurses in wa Because of some factors

1. Sense of financial security. Many thought if they marry a nurse she would hand over her ATM Pin to them to control the cash, sorry dude you weren’t around to swallow the heavy fees, so don’t expect it cheap.

2. Sense of Belonging and Control: Men who wanted nurses wanted to proof they are the man and could get what ever they wanted, forgetting nurses only see malaria in your eyes and not love.
You can’t use them to satisfy your games.

3. To have a doctor in the house: people thought having a nurse means bye to sicknesses and other health problems like avoiding medical bills and stuff. These lotto numbers never bonked.

So our question still stands
What has changed the minds of our brothers from these nurses?
Is it because they are no longer being posted like before?

Is it because they don’t release the money like expected?

Is it because some were reported by their husbands to be unfaithful?

Or is it because some have become arrogant and gone out of control.
No matter your answer, you must learn to love them oo.
Come back for them, you can’t frustrate them now that they need you.
We still want to know why you’ve changed your mind over nurses.


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