As the NPP government settles down upon assumption of office,the One million dollar promised each constituency is expected to be released to close the current developmental infrastructure gaps existing between urban and rural settings .

What are the FOUR activities you expect the money to be use for in Sissala East and West.

A team is said to have come round recently to gather first hand information of our neglected needs.Did they talk to you?
In the Sissala East for example,the Tumu Clinic now upgraded to the Sissala East District hospital is largely an old but a small structure struggling for space,staff and modern equipment .

Considering building a 200 bed capacity hospital for the area should not be an overkill for over one hundred thousand people.
Secondly,educational infrastructure across the the district including the provision of sporting facilities will boost sporting potential that is abound in the area,remembering Baba Yaara.

Building dams should be done alongside animal husbandry which has huge potentials to increase incomes during the dry season. Modernising agriculture will require the resolution of fulani herdsmen clash with farmers by demarcating areas for their activities.Ensuring guaranteed prices for farmers produce will give hope to the farmers.
Roads building are capital intensive and expensive area but a well taught out plan should lead to the tarring of the Tumu- Navrongo-Tumu-Wa stretch before the expiration of the first term of President Akuffo Addo.

Credit: Balu Mohammed

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