If you knew how powerful sex was you wouldn’t have it with just anybody. During sex there’s two different exchanges that take place: a physical and spiritual. Most grown adults are aware of the physical exchange.But the second is the spiritual which most people don’t know about. When you have sex with someone,you exchange/obtain whatever spirit(s) they have as well. You take on their qualities,behaviors, ideology Etc GOOD OR BAD & become a part of you. Sex was intended for one man and one woman. So many problems come as a result of sex outside of marriage. Disease and unplanned pregnancy are just the scratching the surface.You enter into a covenant with that other persons spirit. This happens every time you have sex with a person Also Whoever they have had sex with. Now you’re attached to those people’s spirits as well. This is why there’s so many people with multiple personalities, who are dibbling and dabbling in this and that,who are confused,and all messed up! in thoughts and behaviour!11872120_934128866630884_37927510784187662_o_2

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