Madam Asana Ismail Standing (In Smock)

The Black Stars travelled to Qatar in Smocks sewn in Wa of the Upper West Region.

Several people couldn’t hold themselves after they spotted the prodigious display of culture by the Black Stars and Management of Ghana Football Association.

The Smocks were designed by Ismail Asana of Asana Fashions ltd based in Wa. A Member of Ghana Chamber of Commerce.

The Smocks were forwarded to Accra by Mr. Yahaya Biyad, President of Upper West Regional Football Association and afterwards worn by the Black stars as a mark of our cultural identity.

Smocks are in Different shapes and Sizes for Different purposes, we have Smocks for the royals and Smocks for the elders or traditional leaders, we also have Smocks for hunting, weddings, politics, movies and music, for schools to also serve as Friday wear.



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