The general misconceptions of beginner musicians
Listed below are some misconceptions that the majority of musicians have when they are just starting out.

Djimba Festival 2016 Featuring Some Underground Artistes.

1. The world just doesn’t care about real talents anymore:
One simple truth, maybe they would have cared really if they knew about you but hey, they don’t. So, instead of whining about the people favoring crappy music over good music that you work hard day and night to make; I think it’s best if you work on your PR and marketing (music requires marketing too) and make them notice you. I’m sorry to break it to you but news flash, ‘music grows on people’. The people who take the center stage as world class performers and musicians in the world today are not necessarily the most talented but they are well known and that’s how the whole thing works. Yes, they are the ones who have enough resources to keep their music in constant rotation and force feed the public whatever it is they want them to listen to because they have influence. So, if you want to be like them, just work on your PR and marketing and make sure you are all over the place. But many still care about true talents and original music.

2. I certainly need a record label:
Well, on this one, I am not going to tell you that you don’t need a record label to support you but I would like to let you know that there is a lot you can do for yourself instead of waiting for a record label that will do wonders for your career. At this juncture, you’ve got to realize that record labels are not charitable organizations that do things out of good will. The truth is they are businesses that need to make money to keep running. So, unless they consider you a viable business venture that will fetch them a fortune, then you may not be paid any attention whatsoever. You are a product to be sold, and if there is no market

3. They will come to me when they need me:
First, I want to ask you, who specifically are you hoping will come to you eventually- A PR team, a manager, a promoter, a record label, an influential DJ or an Influencer?
Isn’t it obvious already that the industry is over saturated and the atmosphere is so foggy that nobody sees another anymore? Instead of waiting for them to recognize your great works and probably come to you when they need you, maybe you need to start reaching out to people. As far as I’m concerned, you really don’t have anything to lose, even if someone asks you to pay them to render a service to you; you know you can always politely decline their request, and it couldn’t be simpler than that. And to tell you the truth, you need these people more than they need you, because there are lots of people like you in the world, but If you didn’t know before; now you do. So, starting from today, I implore you to start reaching out to people, even if it doesn’t help your career now, it will in the future. Work and act like you don’t need anyone to build yourself up, but know that you’ll ultimately need people, you can’t do it all alone.

4. I will only do music and nothing else:
I understand that you have the passion and you feel like the world is going to crumble down on you if you don’t make it as a musician even though you are very talented. I understand that frustration and I know how much it hurts. The world is not fair and sometimes the things we deserve just don’t happen but try and get over it. As much as you love music, I would urge you to have another career plan. If possible you can get a degree; become educated so you will have something to fall back on just in case music never works in your favor. No big deal, there are many talented people who never made it as musicians, so you won’t be alone if that is eventually the case.

5 . I need to become very famous before I can make money from music:
Okay anyone would think the more fame you have the better for your career, which is true but it doesn’t mean you cannot make money as a musician if you are not already famous or a big star. Think like a businessman and actively seek opportunities to make money as a musician. sell music digitally, monetize your Youtube channel if you’ve got a decent following or join an influencer network. In short, there are ways through which you can monetize your music even if you are not as big as Sarkodie, or Shatta Wale. Just make quality music and actively market yourself, miracles do happen.

6. It’s not just my time:
Well, on this one I can only ask you how would you know when it is your time to shine? Maybe there is a sign that will appear up in the sky and you will hear a voice say to you that go ye my son it is your time to prosper and excel in your chosen career. Seriously, is this what you are expecting? I am sorry to tell you that there is no one that I know of who made it and actually got a sign that it was their time to start doing things or start taking their career more seriously and be proactive in managing their affairs. So instead of waiting for fate to smile on you and bring you good fortune, why don’t you start doing what you can now and become more practical and stop living in your fantasies? Now is your time, believe and grow with that affirmation!

7. I can get all the fans I need on social media:
As much as it is possible to indeed acquire fans on social media, however, it may be a daunting task to convert these newly acquired fans to loyal followers and supporters. I mean supporters, who would buy your music, show up at events that you play, support your projects and things like that. You shouldn’t rely on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest alone. You should submit your music to radio stations, TV stations, get on platforms dedicated to music like Soundcloud, Audiomack etc. and don’t forget YouTube and other video streaming platforms. You will see improvements in your career.


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