DCOP Peter Ndekugri, Upper West

It can be recalled that a group of people have agitated against a recent issue they explained as reckless attitude of the Deputy Commander Of Police, Peter Ndekugri.

A young man according to one Mohammed Abdul Salam confirming to be his brother affirmed that his brother was hit by a moving vehicle confirmed to be owned and at that instance was being used by the Deputy Commander of Police Ndekugri.

The Member of Parliament for Wa Central Constituency Hon. Dr. Rashid Hassan Pelpuo offered to Investigate the Issue suggesting the Commander has been hardworking but was surprised with the latest development.

He visited the Commander the Next Day and stated:

“I met the commander with one other. He was remorseful. He had gone to see the family and has sent a policeman to the hospital. He explained what happened. According to your request I advised him on how he drives in town. He’s keen to see to the fast recovery of the gentleman. He gave me no reason to doubt his sincerety”

Others have Opined that the Commander’s Achievement in fighting crime have been enormous and that some mistakes had better been solved amicably rather than trooping to social media to call for his transfer from the Region.

Social Media Comments

The Fact:

DCOP Peter Ndekugri has reduced crime drastically in the Region:

It can be recalled that initially crime was rampant, with motorbike theft being the order of the day, unknown armed men usually attacked student of the University for Development Studies and as a result engineered a reduction in intake of Students into the university as a result of the act.

Secondly, Crime had reduced business in the region as several mobile money vendors were attacked on daily basis and other shops including boutiques, Provision shops were being looted on daily basis.

Thirdly, Unregistered bike users were always on animals within nucleated settlements and on the roads.
It can be recalled that young men mostly below 18 years were able to steal animals including goats, sheep, cattle and sold them to food vendors for little amounts, this trend continued till the Deputy Commander Of Police was Transferred to Upper West for the Second time to resolve the situation.

It is by this analysed that some group of miscreants or perpertuators of crime are against the Commander in order to achieve a selfish goal or interest.

You never know what you have till its Gone.

By: Concerned Youth of Wa, Kambali&Mangu Zone

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