Rainstorm in the Sissala Districts

Rainfalls experienced in one week accompanied by severe winds have affected houses of Residents, schools and clinics in Tumu, Gwollu, and other communities in the twin Sissala East and West constituencies.

National Disaster management organization (NADMO)Sissala East Director Mr Issahaku Gbanha estimates 250 people were affected and still counting,12 schools have had their roofs partly ripped off or structure affected, with 68 houses also affected. The specific communities he mentioned included Kwapun teachers headquarters, Taffiasi, Tumu college of education Demonstration school in Tumu, Nabulo homes and school structures, Bujan CHPs zone affecting health care in the area.

The rest are the kanton senior high secondary school fence wall which fell down, seven electricity poles were broken according to VRA/GRIDCO in Tumu which put off lights for some days in Tumu and some adjoining communities for days.
Gutters and bridges that had not been desilted before the coming of the rains all got flooded in the municipality. Similar rainstorms are said to have affected some houses in the Sissala East Municipality township of Tumu with over ten houses affected in Tumu and tree branches forced down in Tumu town and a number of communities in view of the heavy winds.
Report from Kwapun community indicates that a basic school in the community had its roofs ripped off by the storms as the rains also destroyed books and some documents of the school.
Also, a grinding mill for women at Pieng was ripped off whilst NADMO added other affected persons are still reporting their situation.
This he said “are the damages gathered so far whilst we are working to see how we can come to the aid of affected”
In Gwollu, at the Hilla Liman Senior High School boy’s dormitories and the schools dining hall, as well as classrooms and a teacher accommodation, is reported to have been ripped off by the rainstorms in the Sissala West district.
The Assistant Headmaster of the school in an interview with the GNA Mr Adams disclosed that “the devastation is serious especially at the boy’s dormitory and the dining hall. Students are currently moved into some facilities which are not affected but that has led to congestion”.


Mr Adams also revealed that last year’s damages caused by rainstorms affected the school almost at the same season but those affected structures were not worked on”. He is pleading with the authorities to get them fixed quickly so the situation does not worse.
The District Chief Executive of the Sissala West Mr Mohammed Bakor later said efforts were being made to assist affected students in Hilla Liman Senior High school to overcome the challenges.

By: Balu Mohammed

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