Women are the most amazing
creature God made. I am yet to
understand why some men enjoy
finding faults upon faults in
Okay, let’s look at them this way and tell me if am lying…
1. Women are the only creature
that can change their original
surname just for the sake of love.
2. They are the most easiest
creature to convince. 3.They are the only creature that
loves from the bottom of their
4. They are the creature that can
prefer to go to bed with an
empty stomach, just to make sure that their children feeds
5. They are the only creature on
Earth that cries so easily, just to
expose their inward disposition.
6. They are always awake even at the dead of the night just to
make sure that their children are
7. They can even sell out their
cloths just to buy food for their
children, and also see them smiling.
8. They are always ready to
sacrifice their lives just to save
the lives of their children.
9. They are always in the kitchen
inhaling the smoke without complaining, just to prepare
something for their children and
husband to eat.
10. Even when they are battling
with the pains of pregnancy, yet,
they are busy looking after their husband’s and children.
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