Former Circuit Supervisor, Mr. Bombason Seidu

Outspoken Circuit Supervisor with Ghana Education Service has thrown a jab at teachers who asked him to mention names of teachers with fake certificates.

According to him, its due to guilt and suspicion these teachers called for names and not just because they want to dare him.

According to him these teachers have fake certificates and are trying all possible means to clear suspicions on their heads thinking by coming open they won’t be suspected.

He dared them by saying the regional director of Education can contact him for a list of fake and unqualified teachers in the system if they think he is dishonest.

Mr. Bombason recently released an audio about teachers within Upper West where he referred to them as lazy and also dishonest by stating that some used fake certificates to seek employment.

Mr. Bombason Seidu was a circuit Supervisor with Ghana Education Service Before his retirement.


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