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The Speaker of Parliament on Thursday blocked the MP for Lambussie, Edward Dery’s attempts at getting a breakdown of the cost of government’s One-Village One-Dam projects.

Prof Aaron Mike Oquaye argued that the MP was out of order to demand that Special Development Initiatives Minister, Madam Hawa, gives specifics to work on the projects.

He said the sector minister was summoned before the House to answer a question on the cost per dam and not to provide details of the features of the dam.

The sector minister who was before the House on the invitation of the MP for Garu has revealed that the cost per dam for one of government’s flagship program is ¢250,000 and over 300 dams have reached various stages of completion.

Blocking attempt to get further questions asked the Speaker said “It will be very useful to know but the question talks about cost, not configurations and features because these are matters of detail. They’re architectural, technical, mechanical, engineering…ask the minister a question and she will provide the answer at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner.

“But to bring the minister by way of a cost of dams and then you want to ask a question on specifications is out of order. If you want to know that it will be very legitimate. But please file a question and then she’ll have to give you all the architectural details and the questions which are the work of experts.”

By: Joy News

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