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DBI: Pizaga Residents Bemoan Effects of Poor Roads on Their livelihood

Residents of Pizaga, a community in the Tabiasi Electoral Area of the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa (DBI) District have bemoaned the effect of lack of good roads on their livelihood. They say their daily lives are a struggle due to the poor state their roads are in. Zinkogenuba Hypolite, who spoke to Info Radio at the community, said that even though they are farmers, they are unable to access any market to sell their produce.…

W.W: Woloteng Residents Appeal to Gov’t to Reshape Their Roads

Residents of Woloteng in the Buli Electoral Area in the Wa West District have appealed to the government to come and reshape their roads to help make them motorable. According to the residents, they have constructed three kilometers road to the entrance of the community with their manpower while appealing to the government to help construct the road for them.…

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