Wa West: Residents of Tanina Appeal for Support to Complete Maternal Ward

Uncompleted Facility in Tanina

Residents of Tanina in the Wa West District have appealed to individuals and organizations for support to complete their maternal ward project which has reached its roofing stage but stalled due to lack of resources.

In an interview with Info Radio at the community, Mr Issahaku Saeedu, a resident of the community, explained that pregnant women are always referred to Poyentanga or Wa to deliver due to the absence of delivery room attached to the Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compound, and that it brings financial challenges to them.

Mr. Shaibu Osman, another resident, disclosed the various sections of Tanina were tasked to contribute money for the construction of a delivery room but the contributed resources were not enough to complete the project.

Madam Salaamatu, another resident, described the challenges and suffering pregnant women go through before they can access skilled delivery services as worrying and life-threatening.

She, therefore, appealed to stakeholders and organization to support them to complete the delivery room project.

The Assembly Member for Tanina Electoral Area in the Wa West District, Mr Seidu Kassim, also added his voice to the appeals saying that, the initiation of the community self-help maternity ward project, now under construction, became necessary to improve access to skilled delivery services at the comfort of the Tanina CHPS compound.

He has, therefore, called for the support of benevolent individuals and organizations as well as the government to come to their support.

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UW: Civilians Throwing Too Much Insults on Police – GIS PRO

ICO Ibn Yussif Duranah, Upper West Regional Public Relations officer GIS(Left), Upper West Regional Police Commander, DCOP Peter Ndekugri(Right)

Upper West Regional PRO of Ghana Immigration Service Immigration Control Officer, ICO Inn Yussif Duranah Abdul-Mumin Seidu has cautioned Civilians against habitually chastizing Police Officers within the Region over their duties.

He made the statements at Wa Naa’s Palace in a open forum discussion spearheaded by Jimpenhi Naa Kadri Ibrahim, Secretary to the Overlord of Waala Traditional Area on 8th of August 2022.

“let us reduce the bastardization of the security agencies particularly, the police because whatever be the case, we are called to intervene but every now and then, the security agencies Received series of insults as if we’re doing nothing but we’re doing everything, Thank you very much Mba Wa Naa”.


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UW: False Alarms on Terrorism Heightening – Immigration Officer

Ghana Immigration Service

The Upper West Region’s Immigration PRO Immigration Control Officer, ICO , Ibn Yussif Duranah Abdul-Mumin Seidu has Advocated against the Use of Social Media handles to create fear and panic within the Region.

He noted that several people have typed and shared information regarding terrorism and posted on platforms that had resulted in fear and panic. He referred to the development as unfortunate.

“Thank you very much Mba Wa Naa, respectfully Ghana Immigration Service is a state Institution that is not working in isolation, we are always in contact with the respective state security agencies and we are leaving no stone unturned, we’ve subscribed.tonthe maxim of see ‘something say something’, and we urged the people of this beautiful Upper West Region to also subscribe to it, when you see something you’ve got to say something and that will help us, lastly may I respectfully Indicate that the false alarms is putting undue pressure to the security Agencies in Upper West and we therefore suggest that please, whatever you want to put out there to the public domain in this era of sophistication of technology, you might sit in your room and just type something and forward it, the next minute it is all over the globe and that is actually putting pressure on the security agencies.”

He made the statements at Wa Naa’s Palace during an open floor discussion on Security related issues in the Upper West Region.

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Wa: WaSec Old Students Urged To Pay Anniversary Levy

Wa Senior High School

Past Students of Wa Senior High School (WASSOSA)in the Wa Municipality are set to celebrate it’s 50th Anniversary in August after a failed attempt to celebrate it in 2021.

This was as a result of The severity of Coronavirus Pandemic in the previous year.

Each Past Student is to pay Ghc50 per a Statement issued by the Outgoing President of the Association Prof.Β  Robert Yennah.


Dear Mmabiihi,


As you might be aware, our alma mater, Wa Senior Secondary School was fifty years in November 2021 but, unfortunately, we were not able to celebrate it due to the Covid 19
pandemic. In line with best practices globally, there is every indication that we will be celebrating the golden jubilee in grand style this year with the launch in August 2022.

It is however, important to state that this important celebration cannot be marked with pomp and pageantry without the necessary financial resources. It is against this backdrop that the National Executive Committee decided to levy every member of the association an amount of at least fifty

Ghana Cedis (GHC 50.00) to be paid by the end of September 2022.

Receipt books will be given to some members in the various regions for the collection of the said levies. A dedicated MOMO MTN Number will also be given out to enable those who may wish to pay through that mode to do so.

We look forward to receiving positive responses from all WASSOSA members to enable us organise a successful Golden Jubilee celebration.

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Wa: Suspected Ritual Killings, Streetlighening Poor – Wa Naa to RCC

Overlord of Waala Traditional Area Naa Fuseini Pelpuo IV

The Overlord of Waala Traditional Area, Naa Fuseini Pelpuo IV through his Secretary has issued a statement indicating that streetlighening system within the Region is poor, he Advocated for duty bearers to address the development in order to avert aggravating rate of killings within the township.

Bamahu in darkness

The Overlord Commended the Regional Police Command over their proactive ways in fighting crime within the town.

“We want to use this opportunity to commend the police over their industriousness, although they lack enough logistics to operate, our streetlighening systems are also poor and that needs attention. We haven’t also been providing the Police with enough Information to Fight crime and due to that they aren’t able to speed up processes of Investigations. That not withstanding Without their efforts, what is happening would have exceeded this”.

The Upper West Regional Coordinating Council(RCC) had made provisions forΒ  4,000 Streetlight bulbs to be procured three months ago(May) and fixed on some selected streets within Wa and Other Districts and Municipalities within the Region, some notable areas in Wa the bulbs were fixed included Kambali Electoral Area and the Wa Airstrip road, Sukpayiri Residential Area, several areas including Kunta, Bamahu, Tampaali Paani, Nakore are still in darkness. Nandom District has also installed streetlights on the Nandom-Goziiri Road.

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Wa Naa To liaise with Watch Dogs, More Police Deployed from Headquarters

Wa Naa’s Secretary, Jimpenhi Naa Kadri Ibrahim

The Overlord of Waala Traditional Area, Naa Fuseini Pelpuo IV through his spokes person Jimpenhi Naa Kadri Ibrahim has engaged the media and masses on steps being taken to clamp down on miscreants engaging in suspected Ritual Killings within the Municipality today 8th August 2022.

In the engagement, the Overlords indicated that efforts are being made with the Support of the police to bring culprits of bare. He added that the parmountcy has taken steps to train and engage Community watchdogs within the Town to check on irregularities.

“The efforts we all can put in place is to pay attention to Developments within the Town and report to appropriate Authorities in order to ensure there is stability, let’s not keep information, let’s share what we see or observe with regards to irregularities,

Wa Naa the Overlord will hold a meeting with the Police after this engagement, to make provisions for boys to be trained alongside the police in order to support and make provisions for effective monitoring within the town, let’s pay attention to new developments”

The Inspector General of Police(IGP), Mr. Dampare George Akufo, has been commended over his Assistance after he had deployed six officers from the national level to assist with Investigations.

“We will like to thank the Inspector General of Police, for his Assistance, he hasn’t only given us a listening ear, he had also assigned officers from the National Level to come down here, we can also assist in our little way by providing them with enough information to speed up the process of Investigations”.

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Wa East: Major Economic Road Disorganized By Water

Kpalworgu Community road in Wa East District

A major economic road within the Wa East District has be left unattended to for over a decade, the road serves as a path through with food items are transported through to major markets within the Upper West Region.

The Kpalworgu Community Road is a road that has been eroded by heavy rainfall within the area, the magnitude of potholes on the road has resulted in several accidents occuring in the road. They have since called upon The District Chief Executive of the Area, Hon. Ewura Kandiah to assist in getting the road fixed.

In a statement issued by a Community Member, Issaka Mogtari, he explained:

So pathetic , this is the road leading to
kpalworgu, a community in the Wa East District of the Upper west Region, a community that is known to be one of the food baskets of the Region, infact the first Community to produce watermelon in the region and still remains the leading producer of watermelon.

This community(Kpalworgu) cannot be forgotten when the leading producing food staffs like maize, groundnuts, Soya beans etc communities are being listed.

But my question is why is it that the road leading to this community has been abandoned for soo many years without reshaping not to talk of being gravelled?

Do politicians feel proud when driving through this road for their political gains? Infact, this is a pity.

The people of kpalworgu are crying their voices out to all well wishers, philanthropist, NGO’s and the Government to come to their aid.


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UW: NDC Ends Branch Elections in Upper West Region

NDC’s Branch Elections were Organized in Upper West Region

The Major Opposition Party of Ghana, National Democratic Congress(NDC) has successfully completed it’s branch Elections in the Upper West Region per statement issued by the Upper West Regional Organizer of the Party also a former Municipal Chief Executive of Wa, Hon. Issahaku Nuhu Putiaha.



I would like to seize this opportunity to thank and appreciate all stakeholders and party faithfuls who participated and contributed immensely in diverse ways to ensure success of the just ended branch elections in the UWR.
Special Thanks goes to the following national officers;
1. Captain (Rtd ) Joshua Hamidu Akamba, National Organiser.
2. Abigail Elorm Mensah Dep National Women’s Organizer
3. Hon.Kale Caesar,Dep National Director of Research.
4. Hon. Mike Kumbor, Member of our National Elections Directorate.
5. All my team members.

Admittedly, we encountered multiple challenges during the election process as a team.

Kindly note, that our victory in 2024 is largely dependent on our preparation as we embark on intra party activities from branch through to national. I therefore crave your indulgence to earnestly substitute our personal interest with that of the party to eliminate avoidable conflicts.

I further Congratulate all elected branch executives who voluntarily availed themselves to serve in the party in ten out of the eleven Constituencies in the region, especially the branch organizers . It’s a privilege to welcome you to be part of the organizational department of the great NDC in the UW Region.

May Allah bless us all and make our party and nation great and strong

Issahaku Nuhu-Putiaha

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Miss Dumba: Imoro Ayaana’s Backsly Goes Bad, Lots of People Impressed with Program

Imoru Ayaana Performed at Miss Dumba Reality Show

An Award Winning Artiste within the Upper West Region has had his dance video trending after he had slipped off stage at a beauty and Talent Program venue.

Imoru Ayaana was billed to Perform and in the process he had decided to dance in order to impress the crowd.

In the process of executing Backsly moves mostly executed by slim buster his role model, he slipped off stage and fell at the event with over 100 people present to witness.

The development has resulted in most people turning to social media to see what really happened.

Mis Dumba is a beauty and talent show opened to indegines of Upper West Region. Several people from parts of the Region are actively participating in the show sponsored by Adonko and Organized by Pelbip Events, judges of the Program Inlcude Sampaa Pognaa Seidu Hawawu, Abu Issah Seidu, Shabida Seidu Braimah. MCs of the Show Include Malik Siita Sadat, Musah Bipuah Latifa.

Meanwhile several people have criticized the decision of the board to appoint only indegines of Wa as judges, they suggested more could have been done since Culture of the region is diverse in order to get at least a judge from a different District of setting who has a different cultural background since the program is not limited to Wa only.

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Jirapa: Maiden Speech And Prize Giving Day Celebration

Speech and Price Ceremony

Presentation Brothers in the St Raphael’s Parish of Hain in the Jirapa Municipality in collaboration with misean Cara (friends of the mission) organized a maiden speech and prize giving day for Presentation R/C Junior High school to award Students, teachers, parents and officers in the Municipality.

Delivering a speech, the headmaster of the the school (Presentation R/C JHS),Brother James Dabuo Der elaborated the essence of the program which includes:

1.To award students who performed well in 2021

2.To award parents who contributed so well to the development of the school

3.To award serious and dedicated teachers and officers of the Ghana Education Service, Jirapa.
* The headmaster stated that 3 teachers from the school have successfully completed degree course.
* The school was able to camp the 2021 BECE final year students for 3 weeks and again planning to camp the 2022 candidates as well.
* Also,2 teachers attended a workshop on sustainable development goal in Tamale.A fish pond which was initiated by a National Service personnel,Mr Moses Adoboa in 2018 had been extended to 4 ponds with the aid of some individuals.

He said the school is in dire need of an English teacher.

He made this appeal to the municipal Director of Education, Jirapa.
Addressing the gathering, the Jirapa municipal Director of Education,Mrs.Agnes Mwaawaaru thanked misean Cara for the intervention to support the girl-child education.She urged students, teachers and parents to take good care of the donations given to the girls (bicycles).
She added that, this will help curb tiredness, loss of contact hours of students staying far away.

She said, the misean Cara had done a lot in supporting educational needs in the municipality and urged parents, teachers and everyone to help the school to grow.

The girl -child education officer,Madam Sophia Jakpa,thanked misean Cara, teachers, parents especially, for allowing their children to be enrolled in the school for such a wonderful program and encouraged them to keep it up.

24 bicycles were presented to students and teachers including citations.
πŸ“Œ18 of the bicycles were presented to girls in the school (JHS) staying far away from the school.
πŸ“Œ6 of the bicycles were presented to girls in the St Raphael’s R/C primary school.
πŸ“Œ3 teachers were awarded a citation each.
πŸ“Œ4 officers were awarded a citation each as well as 1 parent for their support.

The chairman of the occasion, Amos Balaara a former assembly member of Hain electoral area,in his closing remarks said he was happy for the successful end of the program and urged that we should delete the mind set of “our girls are bad” so as to pave way for them to aspire higher.He thanked mission cara, teachers, students, officers of GES, chief, landlords and everyone for their support to make this program a memorable one.

By Mwinsagra Marcellinus
#gangaafm 94.3