UW: Dr Sandaare Exposes Rots against Some Health Experts in Upper West

Dr Sandaare, MP for Dafiama-Busie-Issa

Member of Parliament for Dafiama-Busie-Issah Constituency, Dr. Sebastian Sandare has exposed some acts of nepotism and favoritism against health experts in the Upper West Region.


Our attention has been drawn to some injustice and unfairness perpetrated against staff of the Upper West Regional Health Service who sought to be appointed as District Directors of Health Service in the recent recruitment exercise conducted by the Ghana Health Service (GHS).It would be recalled that, somewhere before November 2021, the GHS commenced internal recruitment to fill vacant District-Director positions across the country. The process involved an initial shortlisting of candidates, a written exam and a face-to-face assessment interview.

In response, eight staff in the Upper West Region (UWR) were shortlisted for the written exam and the subsequent assessment interview.It is worthy of note that all eight applicants were successful at the written exam. In fact, the highest national score of 77.5 % came from the Region with a regional average score of 50.7%.

However, and curiously, in the next stage which consisted of the face-to-face interview, results of which were not made public, none of the applicants was deemed to be successful. The GHS went ahead to make appointments without any form of notification to the applicants from the UWR on the outcome of the interview.

Following persistent request for the results of the interview and a justification for the failure to appoint anyone from the Region, a letter was lately authored from the office of the Director-General dated 26th August 2022 indicating that, six out of the eight applicants did not have the requisite knowledge and understanding of the management of district health directorates while, the other two were disqualified because they had not served the required number of years to qualify them for the position.

We consider the recruitment process as unjust, unfair, discriminatory, unreasonable and an abuse of the rights of the applicants. Some matters of concern worthy of note are;

That, a person who emerged the best in the written exam is considered not to have the requisite knowledge in management of a District Health Directorate in an interview, results of which were not made public.

That all applicants, some of which are currently acting as District Directors in the Region, passed the written exam but yet collectively failed the face-to-face interview.

That the results of the written exam were made public whilst that of the interview was veiled in secrecy.

That it took persistent requests including formal letters and petitions, before the GHS could write to the Regional Health Service assigning reasons for the failure to appoint anyone from the Region.

It must be emphasized that this process is very irregular and inappropriate to state the least. It also presents very unfavorable implications.

At first, it is a disincentive to staff who have dedicated themselves to serve in one of the most deprived Regions of the country.
It also communicates the unfortunate impression that the staff in the Region are undeserving of such appointments and can thus, negatively affect the staff turnover in a Region that is already struggling with staffing deficit.

We deem this situation as a deliberate orchestration which is condescending of the people of the Region. The conduct of the GHS is an affront to the rights of the applicants and a violation of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

The GHS is reminded of the duty to act fairly and reasonably in the exercise of its administrative authority as contained in Article 23 of the 1992 Constitution.

Again, the GHS is enjoined to prohibit discrimination and prejudice on grounds of places of origin as contained in Article 35(5) and to ensure regional balance in such appointments as per Act 35(6)b of the 1992 Constitution.

We are therefore calling on the GHS to as a matter of urgency conduct a review or audit of the recruitment process and take the necessary remedial steps.

A key aspect of this is to reconsider the applicants from the Region and grant them their due. We are also calling on the GHS to take the necessary steps to fill the vacant positions in the Region to ensure smooth delivery of health service.

Again, we require a great deal of transparency in conducting such recruitments as opposed to this opaque process giving rise to rife suspicion of underhand dealings and unfair maneuverings to the disadvantage of the UWR.

Thank you
Hon. Dr. Sebastian N. Member of Parliament for Daffiama-Bussie-Issa &Secretary, Upper West NDC Caucus in Parliament

UW: Upper West Regional Police Commander Retires

DCOP Peter Ndekugri Anambugri has Retired

The Upper West Regional Coordinating Council has announced the Retirement of Current Upper West Regional Commender of Police, DCOP, Peter Ndekugri Anambugri after serving for close to 4 Decades.

He took over from Lawyer Aboagye Nyarko who is currently with the MTTD Division in Accra.

Statement from the RCC

It was a solemn occasion this morning when members of the Upper West Regional Security Council had to bid farewell to the Regional Commander of Ghana Police Service, DCOP Mr. Peter Ndekugri.

The Regional Police Commander is scheduled to hand over the command of the region to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Prince Waabu on Friday 30th September 2022. The outgoing commander, DCOP Mr. Ndekugri has served in Ghana Police Service for almost 38 years.

He was noted for his commitment to duty and he performed his tasks with passion. We wish him well as he starts life in retirement on the 30th of this month.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

Wechiau: Three Females Benefit from Sung-Bawiara Foundation Girls Education Support Project 

The Foundation Donated to three Girls

Sung-Bawiara Foundation supported three at-risk girls of the Wechiau Girls Model Junior High School with bicycles to facilitate their movement to school and back.

The initiative is the organisation’s self-initiated Girls Education Support (GES) Project. The project is aimed at empowering girls who are very brilliant and at-risk to falling out of school giving their vulnerability to lacking basic needs to attend school or acquire skills.

The team from Sung-Bawiara Foundation was led by Tahiru Lukman a consultant to the organisation. He noted that, the bicycles are strictly not for sales and is also the exclusive property of the girls. He added “no parent or guardian or teacher have the right to seized the bicycles from the girls to use, especially during week days”

The brief ceremony includes teaching staff and management of the school, the guardians/parents of the girls and the Wa West District education deputy director of education incharge of finance and administration.

The parents pledge to support in maintaining the bicycles for the girls as they expressed gratitude to Sung-Bawiara Foundation and the Headmistress for facility to ensure their daughters benefit from the gesture.

Source: Tahiru Lukman/Director of Ideapath Consult

UW: Slavery Emptied the Sissala Area – Gwollu Kuoro

Kuoro Buktie Limann IV

Kuoro Buktie Limann IV, the Paramount Chief of the Gwollu Traditional Area has indicated that slavery affected the growth in the Sissala area and thereby derail development.

He said over 250, 000 people within the Sissalla area alone were captured during the slavery, which to some extent derailed development.

He told the GNA in Gwollu that Europe had meted out the worst forms of atrocities to Africa saying, “No amount of compensation will be able to soothe our suffering.”

Kuoro Limann IV also expressed worry about how tourists during Emancipation Day events are limited to only Forts and Castles in the Coastal areas to the neglect of roots of the slavery.

“The slaves were captured from the north and sent to the Coast to be shipped. Tourists visit places of “No return but they don’t visit where the slaves were captured,” he said.

He said tourism on slavery would be incomplete if attention was not equally given to the roots of slavery and that slave camps in the north will be extinct if attention is not paid.

The Ghana News Agency (GNA) visited the area to acquaint itself with the development challenges and tourism potential and to see how the place could be developed more.

The chief said Gwollu as a slave route “emptied the Sissala area as a conservative figure of more than 250,000 people were sent away as chattel slaves and that’s why it left the villages empty”.

“From here to Navrongo and back to Hamile, there were few people. You will see vast and deserted places because they took the strong people away, it is now that we have started populating the area.”

The Paramount Chief said now that tourism was being promoted, the diaspora people must be allowed to trace their route through to where they were taken away from and argued that Cape Coast, Anomabo, and Elmina were all exit points to Europe and the Americans.

He explained that allowing Europeans, Americans, and others to visit tourist sites in the north would increase the revenue base of all the towns and communities that were affected by the slave trade as the country sought to promote tourism.

He emphasized that slaves were gathered from Southern Burkina Faso through Gwollu and other towns right up to Salaga slave Market.

He said the slave route from Paga, Gwollu through to Salaga slave market must not be forgotten and erased in history because of a lack of interest and access roads to those areas.

He said the people of Gwollu built an anti-slavery wall against the raiders whom he mentioned as Samori and Babatu Zato, a place he said had been left unattended.

The anti-slave walls were built of mud that had holes in them where the locals hid and pointed their bows and arrows at the enemy each time they came to attack, and this eventually protected them from the raiders.

The Gwollu Kuoro mentioned the Gwollu mystery bone setting center, the anti-slavery defense wall, the slave route, and the local viagra centre as some tourist attractions worth visiting.

The rest are the tomb of Dr. Hilla Limann and the crocodile pond of Gwollu, which if properly taken care of could generate revenue for development.

Kuoro Limann IV, appealed to the government to consider constructing roads linking to tourist sites in the region to boost tourism and for investors to relocate to the area.

Source: GNA

UW: Dabo Assembly Man Gives Reasons why His Community’s CHPS Compound Should be Elevated

File Photo

Residents of Kulkpali in the Dabo Electoral Area in the Wa West District have held a community durbar and appealed to the government and philanthropic individuals to come and support them reduce some challenges affecting their health staff.

According to the Community Health Officer (CHO) at the Health Centre, Mr. Kudus Wullo, the Health Centre serves seven communities with a population of over 1,300 with one motorbike which is a means of transport to serve all the communities.

He lamented that inadequate health staff and lack of telecommunication network are factors affecting health delivery in the community.

Mr. Kudus indicated that inadequate drugs also affect quality service delivery.

The Assembly Member for the Electoral Area, Mr. Banabas Gaazienye, applauded the District Health Director, Madam Cecilia Kakariba for the support to elevate the CHPS Compounds to Health Centre to enhance quality health delivery in the area.

Mr. Gaazienye thus lamented the lack of a maternity ward at the Kulkpali CHPS and incomplete health facility at Gombile as worrying.

The District Health Director, Madam Cecilia Kakariba, decried the inadequate antenatal attendance at the Health Centre.

Source: Info Radio

Jirapa : Two have filed Forms So Far out of Over 30 to contest NDC Elections

File Photo

Out of the over 30 persons who have expressed interest to be executives of the NDC in the Jirapa constituency, only 2 hopefuls have filed their nomination forms today, 28th September 2022.

This is an official declaration that they will contest the upcoming NDC Jirapa constituency executive election schedule for next month.

According to the timetable for the internal election, all aspirants who have taken nomination forms to run for various positions in the party at the constituency level have today and tomorrow to file their nominations.

However, CoreNews’ source at the party’s office has revealed that at the end of the first day for filing of nomination forms, only 2 aspirants have filed their forms.

They are: Joseph Dongkaraa, a Constituency Deputy Secretary hopeful and Bayuo Mathew, an Executive Member hopeful.

But it is predicted that the remaining majority will be filing their nominations tomorrow.

Vetting of aspirants is expected to take 3 days starting from 30th of September to 2nd October, 2022.

Meanwhile, Political watchers claim there are two main camps in the party’s internal election: the Ernest Nindor-led camp allegedly sponsored by an alliance of NDC Parliamentary candidate hopefuls and the Cletus Seidu Dapilah allegedly sponsored camp led by David Yeng.

Source: corenewsgh.com

UW: Records of Malaria and Cholera Cases Rising in Charile


The chief and people of Charile, a Community in Eggu Electoral Area in the Wa West District have held a durbar to address some key challenges affecting residents of the community.

The durbar was held at the weekend with the District Health Director, Madam Cecilia Kakariba, and a representative of the Member of Parliament (MP) in attendance.

Addressing the durbar, the Wa West District Health Director, Madam Cecilia Kakariba, commended the residents of Charile for their efforts in building Community-Based Health Planning and Service (CHPS) Compound.

The Community took the initiative to build a CHPS compound for the community to help bring healthcare services closer to the People.

According to her, it has been a remarkable record by the people of Charile ever since she has been working in the health sector.

The Health Director assured Charile people of Solar panel; shelve in the CHPS Compound, accreditation of their CHPS, and additional nurses among others to enhance quality health delivering.

The Assembly Member of the area, Mr. Ephraim Dassah, stated the lack of electricity in the community as one major development challenge in the community.

He said the lack of electricity affects the operation of the Community-Based Health Planning and Service (CHPS) Compound.

The Chairman of the CHPS Compound Management Committee, Mr. Samy Samabo, appealed to the district health directorate and stakeholders to help them with Solar panel at the CHPS Compound help improve services delivery at the facility.

Madam Alberta Azaah, the District CHPS Coordinator, applauded the community members for making the CHPS their first port of call when they fall sick and encouraged them to continuous attending.

She lamented the high record of malaria and cholera cases which are still existing and increasing at every CHPS Compound.

Source: Info Radio

UW: Our Leaders Must not Continue to Fail Us – Sissala Residents

Road leading to Komo in from Tumu

Inhabitants in the Sissala enclave have appealed to people in leadership positions from the area, to make development their prime concern to bridge the development gap in the Upper West Region.

They said the entire Sissalla area had been ignored, largely neglected and forgotten not because the area detested development, but because its leaders had not made any conscious effort to chart the path of development.

According to residents, it was not late for the area’s people occupying leadership positions to make amends by having a sober reflection on how to help bring the needed development to the people.

Some parts  Sissala Land, Natural Habitat

Speaking to the GNA, in separate interviews across the enclave, some of them threatened to either bar politicians from campaigning there or abstain from voting since they never benefited enough from the national cake.

They mentioned specifically the poor road infrastructure as the bane of the area’s progress, a situation they said must be reversed.

Mr Yussif Napuna, the president of the Sissalla Youth Forum (SYF), said the Sissala enclave was food producing area, which could feed the entire nation but due to neglect, the area lagged in many things.

“Our leaders have been a total failure. They occupy key positions but sadly, they either lack lobbying skill or they are not bothered about the predicament of the area,” Mr Napuna said.

He said the Sissala Youth Forum had been spearheading the development agenda of the area but that no one seemed to be listening or trying to help address the poor road network problem.

“No one is thinking about us. We have influential chiefs too, but we don’t know the roles they are playing in salvage the situation. Our politicians too appear to be clueless on how to help to tar our roads,” he said.

Mr Jonas Dimah Batong, a resident of Welembelle in the Sissalla East Municipality, decried the lack of unity among chiefs and other opinion leaders, who over the years embarked on divisive missions that continued to derail the development of the area.

He said, “Chieftaincy is affecting the development of the area because there is no unity” and that there was a need for the people to work with a common purpose.

“There are so many challenges in Sissala land, the major one being our roads. There is no tarred road linking any of the Sissalla districts, yet we are the largest producer of cereals in the whole country,” he said.

Kuoro Buktie Limann IV, the paramount chief of the Gwollu Traditional Area, said the Sissallas were shortchanged in development, especially road infrastructure.

He explained that Dr Hilla Limann, Ghana’s president of the third Republic coming from the Sissalla land should have been a motivating factor to tar at least a road leading to his hometown.

“Slave trade also owes its root from this area and the traces of slave trade such as the Gwollu Anti-Slavery Defense wall is still available for tourism, but the area had been neglected”, he said.

Hajia Asana Senjeh, a market Queen, said as a people they felt cheated because governments refused to construct roads in the area to propel development.

She said the situation was collapsing businesses since it was no longer profitable to engage in “Buy and sell” due to the poor road network and lack of reliable transportation.

Others also added their voice to the deplorable nature of the included members of the GPRTU and some government workers in the area.

Mr Amidu Chinnia Issahaku, the MP for the Sissalla East constituency told the GNA that the NPP government was committed to developing and improving the road network in the area.

Mr Issahaku, who is also a deputy Sanitation and Water Resources Minister, assured that the Tumu-Navrongo stretch of the road would be tarred very soon.

He said the development was a continuous process and appealed to the people to remain patient since the national cake would be distributed equitably.

Source: GNA

UW: 3 Degree Programs Introduced, 2-Year Top-Ups at Dr. Hilla Limann Tech Univ.

Dr. Hilla Liman Technical University

The Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University has introduced three Degree Programs in the University effective 2022/2023 Academic Year.

This development was earlier revealed by the Senior Assistant Registrar, Mr. Abdul Rahman in an Interview with Upperwestmedia Team along the Month of September.

The Degree Programs will Run for 4 Years Regular and 2 Years Top Up Programs.

The Programs Include:


4-Year Degree in Mechanical Engineering
4-Year Degree in Agriculture Engineering
4 Year Degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Entry Requirements

Applicant should posses 6 Credit passes (A1-C6) from WASSCE Level.

To Apply for
2-Year Week End Top-Up Program

2-year Top-Up in Mechanical Engineering
2-year Top-Up in Agriculture Engineering
2-year Top-Up in Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Entry Requirements

To Apply for a 2-year top Up, one should hold an HND or a Tertiary Diploma in Related field of Study with at least Second Class Lower.
Applicant will be placed in Level 300.
Applicant with Pass or third class will be placed in Level 200.

Hilla Limann Technical University-Wa is a public tertiary education institution established by the Technical Universities Act, 2020 (Act 1016).

Check all Programs Below

Source: Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University.

Rev Dienfreh – Wafaa Fo Biiri [UW Music]

Reverend Dienfreh

This Song by Reverend Dienfreh is from his new Gospel Album.

Rev.Dienfreh Martin(Priest) a Highly talented Gospel musician dropped a dagaare single track “WAFAA FO BIIRI” (Meaning; LORD GOD COME AND SAVE YOUR CHILDREN), from his second Album.


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