David BB – Namima [UW Music]

This song by David BB seeks to discourage people from backbiting and premeditations to pull others down through false communication. He explained that people concoct stories about people just to make them appear bad in the sight of others, a development he tagged as a bad behavior we should put an end to. [Download] Subscribe … Continue reading David BB – Namima [UW Music]

Taaza Tailor – Deo Jaori[UW Music]

An award winning artiste by Name Taaza Tailor released this song by tittle, Deo Jaori meaning Misunderstanding in the Family. According to Taaza, when there is a misunderstanding that doesn't get resolved it turns out to create enmity and extends to other family members. He urged families to unite more and desist from the grudges … Continue reading Taaza Tailor – Deo Jaori[UW Music]

Diana Sopuo – Naamwine [UW Music]

This Song by Diana Sopuo was composed over 8years ago in Wa. According to the Message, in Everything let's attribute strength to God and build Confidence in him because he can change one's situation from Grass to Grace. This gospel song by Diana is the favorite of Many music lovers in the Upper West Region. … Continue reading Diana Sopuo – Naamwine [UW Music]

P.K Yaw –  Baala [U/W Music]

A song that discusses the poor and how they are left without a source of support. According to PK Yaw,  nobody pays attention to the poor,  nobody helps the poor,  nobody is willing to associate with the poor except to use them. He concluded that with all his toil and sweat he hopes that God … Continue reading P.K Yaw –  Baala [U/W Music]

Taaza Tailor – Dogree Bahiyen [UW Music]

Highlife Legend Taaza Tailor calls this song dogree baahiyen meaning, you have no reliable guardian or relative once your mother and father exit the world. He went further to add that during their absence one becomes sober and helpless as a result no one is willing to support any one who loses his or her … Continue reading Taaza Tailor – Dogree Bahiyen [UW Music]

Wiyaala – Tinamba Yi [UW Music]

This hit song by Wiyaala goes straight to the pulse. She calls this one tinamba yi meaning we're not out yet. Wiyaala went further to explain that some group.og people are panicking even at the sound of her name alone, "I'm not out yet stop shaking, stop crying, stop shivering". [Download] Subscribe to our YouTube … Continue reading Wiyaala – Tinamba Yi [UW Music]

Don’t Try – Kuoraa License [UW Music]

The Song by B.T Simon known by Stage Name Don't Try is one of the favorites of farmers in the Upper West Region with this his so deep with lyrical content. His Song Kuoraa License Means farmers have no special reward on earth, they earn no salary, the get distracted by the weather, they have … Continue reading Don’t Try – Kuoraa License [UW Music]

Taaza Tailor – Deu Yaamang [UW Music]

This hit song by Taaza Tailor Featuring Imoru Ayaana has become a household song sung by both children and the elderly. It has also become an occasional song accepted by traditional leaders due to its powerful lyrical content It carries. The long explains that, before one gets into trouble, there is a high probability that … Continue reading Taaza Tailor – Deu Yaamang [UW Music]

Kojo Bangee – Adjoa Na Yɔɔ [UW Music]

This song by the late music legend kojo Bangee is titled Adjoa Na Yɔɔ meaning it's time for Adjoa to fulfill her part of the promise, according to Bangee he has been investing in her waiting for the time he will also enjoy some pleasure behind close doors. This love story in Dagaare has been … Continue reading Kojo Bangee – Adjoa Na Yɔɔ [UW Music]

Back 2 – Freestyle [Reply to Raphius’ Oga Kpata Kpata]

A freestyle rap released in 2015 by Back 2 was to respond to the lyrical content of Raphius Amigos,  seeking to define himself as the overall in the Upper West Region.   Raphius suggested he was the ultimate rapper in the Upper West Region adding that h produces quality videos and sounds compared to other … Continue reading Back 2 – Freestyle [Reply to Raphius’ Oga Kpata Kpata]