Former MP for Kumbungu, Mr. Ras Mubarak at Royal Cossy Hills Resort

Former MP for Kumbungu, Mr. Ras Mubarak has visited the Royal Cossy Hills Hotel in Jirapa, a Town 65Km from the Upper West Regional Capital Wa.

Ras Mubarak toured the Hotel and visited the Zoo where he saw animals including white Lions, he expressed joy in seeing them an enquired to know if the White lions are common in Africa, according to a tour guide he threw The question to, he responded that the animals are rare breed, the Lions according to Mr. Ra’s Mubarak are two years and a month old yet muscular and lovely to be with.

Mr. Ras Mubarak further revealed that The three lions are fed 3 Donkeys in a Week.

“This is not East Africa folks, this is Ghana, in Jirapa, at The Royal Cossy Hills Resort and to imagine that we have white lions, its absolutely breath taking, they are well fed and can survive for up to ten years, I’m told they are fed three donkeys in a week, that is how much meat you need to feed these beautiful lions!…”.


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