Elvis Botah Pledges To Commercialize Farming In Nadowli/Kaleo

Parliamentary Candidate of NPP in Nadowli-Kaleo Constituency

The governing New Patriotic Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for the Nadowli/Kaleo Constituency, Elvis Banoemule Botah has pledged to commercialize farming in the Nadowli/Kaleo constituency when given the opportunity by the good people to serve as a Member of Parliament for the Nadwli/Kaleo constituency. He said, he will change the subsistence farming status quo of the people to production in commercial quantities.

Botah added that, he will offer support to farmers to enable them purchase farms inputs with ease. “Most of our people are actively into farming, but peasantry. There are no policies in place geared towards changing the subsistence farming status quo in the constituency. We need to change from peasant farming, to commercial farming for a better living”, the PC observed.

Botah also noted, that most of the roads within the constituency are deplorable; the situation he described as “pitiful”. He highlighted a number of roads in the constituency which are user-unfriendly and pose trouble to farmers leading to post-harvest losses. He thus assured, his tenure will prioritize road constructions. “On roads, apart from few, many of the roads in the constituency are in deplorable state, and need aggressive attention.” Elvis indicated.

In the area of electricity, Mr. Botah noted, that most communities in the constituency have no electricity, adding that, the few communities privileged to have electricity are partly connected, attributing the situation to pure deceit and inordinate taste for political power by the previous administrations. ”If we are to talk of electricity, there is no community in the constituency that is wholly connected. They only connect the few houses by the roadside, deceiving that, they’ve given them electricity. From Nanvili to Siiru, Yiziiri, Sanpiini, Duong and a host of others can’t boast of being wholly connected. That is the level of deception meted out to the people by the previous administration for political power” Mr. Botah revealed.

As to what inspires him to become the next Member of Parliament for the Nadowli/Kaleo constituency, Mr. Botah revealed, that he has been moved by his passion for the total development for his constituency where jobs will be readily available, access to education, good roads, water, electricity and skills training to alleviate the people from the shackles of poverty.

Mr. Elvis Banoemule Botah was speaking during info radio’s flagship program ‘Zienyaanye Upper West’ with Gabriel Mwini on Wednesday, 14th October, 2020.

Filed by: Info Radio 91.1FM

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