Jirapa: Withdraw your report or face me in court – Sir Dicey threatened

Gervase Dogkotenge(Left), Sir Dicey(Right)

Blogger and vocal Social media Commentator, Sir Dicey has been ordered by Honourable Gervase Dogkotenge, Assembly Member for Nyeni Electoral Area in the Jirapa Municipality to immediately withdraw his latest report titled “KG pupil defiled by 45-year old man” or get prepared for a legal battle in court.

In the said story, Sir Dicey reported that
“A 45-year old man is in the grips of the Accra Regional Command Police for allegedly defiling a KG pupil in Sowutuom in the Regional Capital of Ghana, Accra.
The crime was committed on
28th August 2021, at about 3:00 pm, when the young and innocent victim and her brother who were playing around their house came across the suspect. Suspect John Arthur, a painter who was seated in front of a shop close to their house allegedly stole the attention of the victim’s brother by offering his mobile phone to him to play a game, while he mercilessly devoured his prey in the open.
Unfortunately for the victim, luck eluded him as he was caught red handed.

John Authur was immediately arrested after he was reported to the Sowutuon Police by the parents and other neighbours.While further investigations into the allegation are underway and preparations far advanced for the suspect to appear before the court, John Arthur has however denied commiting the crime. He defended himself that he was only playing with the KG child”

In his attempt to explain the rising cases of defilement, Sir Dicey cited that among other defilement cases in the country
” one was recently recorded in the Jirapa Municipality where a teacher at St. Jude Primary School allegedly defiled a pupil”.

But his cited example from Jirapa appeared to have angered Honourable Gervase Dogkotenge who questioned, “Hope you can substantiate the alleged defilement case of the st jude’s primary teacher if you are called before a law court? He [referring to Sir Dicey] should immediately withdraw the post or face me in court because you don’t report on an issue you know nothing about”

“Please stop pushing me because you know virtually nothing about it and you don’t have the right to put that on social media platform
You will soon know my interest when you receive the court surmon to appear in court” he warned

However, Sir Dicey has stood to his gun, reiterating that the story is not a fabrication. He quizzed, “What will I gain to be in the business of peddling falsehood. I don’t know the difficulty he has with that report but I’m disappointed by his response”.

Source: Sirdicey247.wordpress.com

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