Police and Ghana Immigration Service to Deport Prostitutes in Upper West

ASP IBN Yussif Duranah, Upper West Regional Public Relations officer GIS(Left), Upper West Regional Police Commander, DCOP Peter Ndekugri(Right)

Several weeks after calls by residents to deport some undocumented ladies prostituting in the Wa Township, efforts have been put in place to contact the relevant authorities in order to check if actions are being put in place to address their concerns.

The Upper West Regional Police Command is set to Partner with the Ghana Immigration Service in order to Deport Undocumented foreigners Prostituting in the Wa Municipality and other Districts.

In an Interview with Chief Inspector Gideon Ohene Boateng, Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Police Service, he explained that the Development will be investigated alongside the Ghana Immigration Service.

He continued that they shall also consult the national level of come to a consensus if it could be made a national assignment.

Maxixco gardens located on the path to Wa-Mangu is the path at which one can spot these group of people, mist speak pidgin and when approached, they make it clear that they are from sections of Nigeria, some go to the extend of explaining the reason for their stay here and what brought them here.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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