FDA destroys unwholesome products worth GH¢125,000 in Wa

The unwholesome products were seized through FDA’s regular Post Market Surveillance activities

The Upper West regional branch of the Food and Drugs Authority, FDA has safely destroyed a large number of unwholesome products worthed GH¢125,000.00 during the year 2021.

This exercise took place on December 23, 2021, at the Wa Municipal dumping site under the supervision of the Municipal Environmental Health Officer of the Food Drugs Authority, FDA.

The items included food, drugs, cosmetics, household chemical substances and medical devices.

The items destroyed were worthed GH¢125,000.00.

The unwholesome products were gathered at one place and burnt into ashes to prevent unsuspecting people from retrieving them for consumption and possible risk of consumption by the general public.

Speaking on behalf of the Regional boss of FDA Mr. Albert Ankomah, a senior regulatory officer of FDA, Mr. Dafaar Sukpal Kelvin has told the media after the exercise said that the items were seized during post-market surveillance (PMS) exercise and a voluntary handover of expired products by some warehouse and shop operators.

According to him, the PMS involves activities conducted at various pharmacies and chemical shops, warehouses, supermarkets, cosmetic and provision shops as well as medical laboratories across the region.

He however revealed that, unlike previous years, there has been a slight decrease in the number of expired products in the market due to his outfit’s intensive sensitization to warehouse and shop operators but has assured to double their efforts in this course.

He disclosed that, the exercise is usually intensified during festive seasons as shop owners sometimes try all means to sell off products especially those nearing expiration to unsuspecting customers.

Speaking further, he said this exercise is only a part of numerous efforts by the FDA to protect the public from consuming unwholesome products.

Mr Kelivin has further admonished the public to be wary of products expiries and manufactured dates before patronage as he alluded to some products eluding the inspection of customs during entry and thus, pose risks to the consumers.

Against this backdrop, he urged to the public especially shop and warehouse operators to surrender expired products for safe disposal to ensure public safety.

Mr. Kelvin postulated that his outfit keeps unknown the identity of persons who report on the dubious sale of unwholesome products.

He ended his remarks by expressing his appreciation to all present especially the Municipal Environmental health office as they are the custodians of the dumping site.
Filed by: Ghanaweb

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