Wa West: 3 Blind Children Abandoned by their Father Supported by Diamond Foundation

Diamond Foundation Supports Disabled Children in Nyoli

Diamond foundation is a youth oriented organization which was formed by three students from the Upper west region in 2018 with the vision of transforming the lives of women and children to fight teenage pregnancy and alleviate poverty among themselves thereby ensuring a better future for women and children in the Upper west region and beyond. It also aims at helping individuals mostly in the rural areas who lack basic social needs such as food, clothing etc.

The Diamond Foundation paid a visit to a family of three (3) blind children at Tanziri, Nyoli, a community in the WA – west of the Upper West Region of Ghana living with their mom who is approximately 39 to 40 years old.
The first child, thus Gloria is 16 years of age, the second child, Peter is 12 years of age and the last child Gordon is 5 years of age.
According to their mom and uncle, we had it that these children were born blind and they got abandoned by their father because of their condition.

Their mom and uncle who are peasant farmers sometimes carry garden sticks to the market for sale for a living of which they normally make an amount of ghc 3.
Basically the amount they might make, that is, ghc 3 dialy is used to suffice for a meal in a day which makes feeding, clothing and other basic needs they need as children very difficult for them

The diamond foundation hopes to visit this needy and disabled family on the 2/05/20 to donate some basic needs to them. The foundation therefore pleads with the general public, individuals, benevolent organizations to help us support this family with : foodstuffs, toiletries, detergents and the likes.

You can contact any of these numbers below for more info and donations. May God richly bless you abundantly for your support
0209810740( Charles )
0508152004( Delali)
+233 20 689 7516(Richmond)

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