MP Reacts to NPP’s “Propaganda” Sissala West Press Release

Sissala West MP, Mr. Mohammed Sukparu

The Sissala West MP, Mr Mohammed Sukparu has distanced himself from statements and statistics regarding some 88 hospitals pledged to be constructed by the NPP government.


The Communication Directorate of the National Democratic Congress in Sissala West Constituency woke up to a very bizarre and shameful press release authored by no less a person than the very enlightened Communication Officer of the New Patriotic Party trying frantically to downplay the efforts of the Member of Parliament for Sissala West Constituency; Hon Mohammed Adam Sukparu over his recent outburst both in Parliament and on several media platforms outlining the challenges bedeviling his constituents and calling on government to pay urgent attention to their plight.

Known for fighting for the infirm in the society, Honorable Mohammed Adam Sukparu wanted the government to fulfill a promise the President of the Republic made during a live broadcast to the nation to build 88 District Hospitals which includes Sissala West within a year after experiencing the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, this clarion call on the government in the area of health was purposely to help ameliorate the suffering of his constituents but not to make the government look bad. The MP is prepared to go any length to pay attention to the primary healthcare needs of his constituents but his efforts would be woefully inadequate without a befitting District Hospital. To set the records straight, Hon. Mohammed Adams Sukparu started on a very good note as “first timer” in the house by calling on the government and other development partners to address the needs of his constituents especially the new Sissala West District Hospital, Gwollu Town Roads and Education infrastructure among others within the shortest possible time. Hon. Mohammed Adams Sukparu did not seek to condemn the Akufo-Addo’s government in any way and cannot be said to amount to misrepresentation of facts.

It is important to remind the Communication Director of the New Patriotic Party in Sissala West Constituency that every Member of Parliament owes it a duty to debate, approve or reject government bills, play the role of “checks and balances” and scrutinize budget statements that are brought to the floor of Parliament and press on government to deliver on its promises. It would therefore amount to bad leadership if the Member of Parliament approves of such government policies and programs and refuses to go further to ensure that his constituents get their fair share of the national cake. On that score, we the members of National Democratic Congress in Sissala West Constituency are happy that Hon. Mohammed Adam Sukparu is holding government onto the needs of his constituents which is now yielding positive results. What we therefore expect from any responsible political party is to applaud the Hon MP and encourage him to hold tight the fire on government to complete the project on time and stop these unproductive press releases which are only intended to suppress and intimidate the Hon MP from speaking out and rather give room for the Akufo-Addo’s government to relent and renege on his promises for yet another four years.

Again, Hon. Mohammed Adams Sukparu has not said anywhere that the good Office of the Member of Parliament is initiating the construction of the District Hospital. What he is holding onto is that until his recent outburst about the frustrations of his constituents, government was either being reluctant in continuing the many abandoned projects and mouthwatering promises to his people or the internal deep cracks due to the many political power blocs in the NPP in Sissala West is making it practically impossible for government to pursue the plight of the masses. The four years of internal fighting within the NPP in Sissala West has negatively retarded development in the district. At least, we are happy the people of Sissala West have elected somebody who has so far demonstrated goodwill towards our collective developmental interest but not to the benefits of a clone of self-seeking politicians.

We will once again encourage the New Patriotic Party in the Sissala West Constituency to put behind the selfish interest that has caused them severe internal fighting and division for four good years resulting in the worse performance of Akufo-Addo in the district and rather reunite to get the district a development oriented District Chief Executive who would ensure that right things are done for the people of Sissala West. This posture of undermining and frustrating the efforts of our current MP, Hon Mohammed Adams Sukparu like you did to his predecessor Hon Patrick Alhassan Adama would not augur well for our development in the district. The National Democratic Congress in Sissala West is therefore sending a strong signal that it would not entertain the “divide and rule” tactics being perpetrated by a political cabal on politicians who refuse to kowtow to their parochial interests.

In conclusion, we want to encourage the MP, Hon. Mohammed Adams Sukparu to continue his good works both in and outside parliament in the supreme interest of Sissala West and Ghana. The New Patriotic Party we all know will continue to remain hostile towards you no matter what you do just to get public appreciations. We are standing solidly behind your good works and we shall support you to achieve the best for Sissala West and mother Ghana. To the good people of Sissala West, we encourage you not to join the NPP in their agenda to continue fighting political opponents over trivial issues for yet another four years. Hon Mohammed Adam Sukparu has a lot to do and he is focused on achieving just that. The MP has been given a four-year mandate and he wants to use this short period to lobby and advocate for the needed development for the good people of Sissala West and would not be distracted.




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