Navariwie bridges` overflow, keeps Passengers and vehicles stranded once again

Some Passengers Stranded

Over hundred passengers and other vehicles have been stranded behind the Navariwie bridge in the Sissala East municipality.

It’s about 15 km to the Sissala East capital, Tumu and the heavy rains that lasted over 6 hours yesterday is said to have caused the flooding of the area.

Madam Safia Jacob who was travelling with the Metro Mass transit today 27th August 2021 from Bolga to Tumu heading Wa was forced to go back to Bolga by 12:00 PM after they got there by 09:00AM Friday morning unable to cross.

Farmers from Tumu and other parts of the Sissala West who have their farms in the Navariwie area are stranded in the village, not knowing when to come home whilst some of the strangers have pitched camp in the community with the help of others.

Locals from the Navariwie community say it may take three days before the water level could go down as similar situation happened in 2019 when the then British High Commissioner to Ghana Mr Ian Walker during a scheduled bicycle tour was delayed due to heavy rains and the same area got the bridge submerged last in 2020

Some of the strangers told the Radfordfm News-desk that ‘we will sleep at Navariwie till the water level recedes hopefully tomorrow.

‘I will sleep here because I cannot go back, I need to go home at all cost”. stranded commuter Sumaya

A stranded family who are travelling to the Upper West through Tumu to have their son buried are locked up behind the bridge. Over ten cars returned to Bolga whilst others travelled back to go through Chuchuliga -Sandema through Fumbisi whilst others contemplate going through Tamale to Wa.

The Navariwie bridge is a steel one but the high volumes of water usually overflow the bridge hence the request by the member of parliament Mr Amidu Chinnia Issahaku appeal to the Ghana Highways Authority to consider reconstructing the bridge to accommodate the volume of water that passes there.

Much is not known what the situation would be, if the bagre dam is opened tomorrow.

Source:Mohammed Balu/Radford FM

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