DBI: Issah Polyclinic Performs it’s First Surgical Operation

Dr Sandaare, MP for Dafiama-Busie-Issa

The Member of Parliament for the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa constituency, Hon Dr Sebastian Sandaare on Tuesday donated some equipment including a Blood Bank fridge, to the Issa Polyclinic to enable them to undertake certain surgical operations for the people in the area.

The MP who is currently visiting some communities in the area on Monday visited the Bussie community during the community’s annual thanks service by the St. Francis of Asisi Catholic Church and later visited the Bussie Health Center where he had to drive away a Toyota Hilux pic-up truck he donated two years ago without being put to use after he handed the vehicle over to the facility on the 10th of september, 2020.

The Hilux pic-Up that was donated on the 10th September 2020.
The Issa Polyclinic facility which has a theater for surgical operations has never been operational due to the non-availability of logistics and special equipment such as a blood bank fridge for use.

As part of his Annual Health Outreach in the district, the Member of Parliament yesterday donated a Blood Bank Fridge and Five Laptop Computers to the Health Administration in the district whiles logistics were also made available for over 60 people to undergo surgical operations at the Issa Polyclinic.

The Blood Bank Fridge
”I hope that it would help improve health care delivery in this polyclinic and it would help us to bring in other interventions that probably we are not doing here because of luck of such equipment or facilities” he added at a brief handing over ceremony.

In response, Dr Ibrahim the Medical Suprintendant of the facility said the blood bank fridge is a very key component of the health facility. ”The benefits of the Blood Bank fridge to us, I think we can not enumerate them as we stand and you rightly said, the theater has been ready for quiet a while now and then forn the fear of the unknown, sometimes you have to go in and people might need blood, we had to put that on hold for sometime now” he added

Hon Dr Sandaare interacting with some patients
Health specialists were drawn from some facilities in the region to augment the medics at the Issa Polyclinic to enable a smooth and timely intervention of the outreach team in the area.
Hon Dr Sebastian Sandaare before he became MP in 2016 always organised this health outreach for aged people around the Daffiama area but has since covered the entire constituency since January 2018.

Prior to these arrangements, the Annual Health Outreach always referred surgical cases to the Nadowli Hospital and sometimes to the Wa Regional Hospital for attention.

Hon Dr Sandaare with Dr Ibrahim Issah with some Doctors at the rear end of the picture
Patients from Tabiasi, Issa, Kojokperi, Wogu, Korinyiri amongst other communities had booked and waited for their turns as the doctors got busy inside for the very first time at the Polyclinic theater.

Dr. Issa Ibrahim who is the medical Sup. at the facility was however grateful for the initiative and hoped the theater would be put to full use to bring such medical services readily available to the people in the area and was hopeful that 20 patients would be attended to daily if everything went well without any complications as the surgeries were ongoing smoothly.

Dr Sandaare interracting with a patient awaiting surgery
He also bemoaned the situation of referrals being made to the facility due to the fact that it is the largest facility in the area but due to staff strength and other auxiliary workers, attention needs to be drawn to stakeholders to help make their work easy at the facility.

He later donated five(5) HP i3 avant-garde laptop machines to the Health Adminstration of the district and promised to add an additional laptop computer at a later time. This he said is in forfilment of a call on him by the Directorate to support them with laptops.

Source: Gbangbala Abdul-Mutalib

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