Tones of Maize Belonging to Bernard Mornah Gutted by Fire

Mr. Bernard Mornah at his Farm

Mostly, farmers in the Northern part of Ghana who delay in harvesting their farm produce from the farm suffer the consequences of bush burning by hunters who search for bushmeat.

These hunters are largely young ones who are between the ages of 16-25 years old.

In search of the little bush meat, they sometimes burn bushes for them to have a clear land to kill more animals, the burning often extends to people’s farms.

Hon. Bernard Mornah, former National Chairman of PNC is the latest victim of the situation where his tones of maize got burnt at the farm in Wa East of the Upper West Region at the time of harvesting.

A greater part of the tones of maize which was being gathered at the farm by his workers has been destroyed.

The bereaved farmer, Hon. Bernard Mornah speaking to Journalists at the farm couldn’t digest the cause of the fire.

According to him, he is yet to establish how the fire spread fast to other portions of the farm.

Hon. Bernard said they couldn’t salvage the crops as expected due to the nature of the fire.

He however commended the Upper West Regional Crop officer, Ghana Fire Service, and personnel from the Ghana police service for visiting the farm to access the situation.


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