‘Let’s Speak, Learn, Study, Document and Promote Sissali’ – Kuoro Chiemina

Kuoro Bamula Basinjia Chiemina III

The Chief of Kandia, Kuoro Bamula Basinjia Chiemina III has called on the youth of the Sissala land to speak, learn, study, document and promote the Sissali language.

The Chief who was a keynote speaker during the 10th Annual Conference of the Sissala Youth Forum(SYF) has said “a language is respected and honored only when it is spoken and should be spoken fluently and at ease”.

Delivering his keynote address on the theme: “indigenous languages and development: the role of the youth”, Kuoro Chiemina has said the only ways to protect and sustain the Sissali language is to, among others, speak, learn and document it else, he feared “it would go into extinction”.
“So for the survival of Sissali – for us to pass Sissali to the succeeding generations we have to speak it and we should not shy away from speaking Sissali”, he challenges the youth.

Also, following the introduction of Sissali at some tertiary schools the Chief has urged that the youth should take-up the Sissali program to study at those universities, and has entreated all and sundry to make conscious efforts to learn the language at their various places as well.

Speaking further, he said the language could also be documented by “writing books, producing documentaries, composing songs, and creating animations”, among others.

Meanwhile, the two members of parliament, Mohammed Adams Sukparu and Issahaku Amidu Chinnia, for the Sissala West and East constituencies respectively have each committed resources to sponsor students who would be pursuing the Sissali language at the University for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Source: Radford FM News

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