Fire Raises Business Center in Wa

Mwinibalonno Ventures was Burnt Down Completely

A business center worth millions of Ghana Cedis in Wa of Upper West Region has been burnt down by fire which started early hours of 28th December in Wa.

The shopping center by name Mwinibalonno Boutique belongs to a popular business woman identified as Mariyama an active supporter of the National Democratic Congress in the Upper West Region.

The Ghana National Fire Service was called to attend to the emergency but couldn’t best the disaster as the fire had already destroyed the materials.

A group of people present stated that they called the fire service line and no one answered, they continued and it went through at the national level before they could redirect the order to the district which they felt wasted more time.

Two vehicles have in the past 5 weeks and 3 weeks burnt to ashes in the Upper West Region, one in Wa close to the Wa Airstrip whilst the other occured at Sombo in the Nadowli-Kaleo District.

The shop is a boutique in the Wa Municipality.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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