U/W: Foreigner Selling Weapons in the Open

Some young men showing interest in attempt to buy

A young man identified as a Nigerien from Niger has been spotted in the heart of Wa Township selling sharp butcher knives.

The Man in a white political party T-Shirt was spotted around a fuel shell station close to the Wa Main traffic stop.

He held over 10 knives and sold one at Ghc7.

He approached some young men at a mini bus stop and they expressed interest in buying some knives, he stopped and waited as they played with the knives, some of the boys suggested they were very sharp and good as one opted to buy a knife, it was purchased after which the seller proceeded towards the Wa Municipal hospital stretch.

The issue was reported to a police passing by but no arrest has since been made.

The Influx of foreign and substandard goods in the Wa Market has been a problem lately and this has resulted in fake products overtaking the market, a lot of citizens from Niger and neighboring countries travel into the Ghana and never return to their country in the name of business.

Video Link Below



Source: Opera News Ghana

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