Wa West: Residents of Wokuraa Bemoan State of Social Amenities


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Residents of Wokuraa in the Wa West District have bemoaned the state of their Social Amenities including roads not motorable, Boreholes without water, health facilities without Nurses and Schools without teachers.

Having a conversation with the Chief of Wokuraa, Naa Darimani Polibu in his community and he admitted their roads were in a deplorable state, he emphasized on the Wokuraa to Wechiau-Boo Road affirming that anytime it rains, a stream separates them from Kunkyile Yiri which is a community 800 Meters from Wokuraa, The Chief added that network signals in the area were also poor and as a result they cant make calls or renew the Health insursnce cards electronically.

Some other resident by Name Naa admitted anytime his wife is pregnant he has to use a motobike to transport her from Wokuraa to Ponyentanga which is approximately 52 Kilometers for safe delivery. He added that access to water was a problem.

They called on the District Chief Executive, Mr. Edward Laabiir to come to their aid.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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