PK Yaw(Left), David BB(Center), Gally(Right)

The Upper West Music industry is growing and several powerful songs are being released daily, these songs have messages that touch the mind directly and conveys a message to the masses for a Change.

Some people however are avoiding these songs because the Songs Remind them of their Deeds or ways.

Firstly, PK. Yaw – Dunnee Yuori – This song by PK Yaw reminds people of the fact that all things are vanity and as a result should not be used as a reason to undermine others, though it’s in the right direction to fight for resources, it’s also wrong to use them against others unfairly. Not Paying workers, Diverting their Opportunities, Using power to limit others, increasing prices of goods and services extremely, being dishonest in your works in organizations or in religious Institutions etc.

Secondly, Best Gally – Ahibu Daari – This song by an award winning Artiste by Name Gally teaches that people should be mindful of what they do on Earth because in the end they shall account for it. It’s definite that some people naturally do not want to hear the truth.

Thirdly, David BB – Dunnee Kye – This song by David BB is a caution that trust shouldn’t be an option, he advised against trusting easily and this doesn’t go down well with the betrayers.

Fourthly, David BB – Yeliminga Paanla – This song by David BB also educates the masses not to put all eggs in one basket and also not to keep many friends.

Lastly, David BB – Poge Muni – This song preaches against hallow effects and the fact that people decide to hate others because of what they heard or were told about, he preached Against tribalism and other similar issues in the song.

You can add yours in the comment session if we skipped it.


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