UW: Minister Appeals to Passion Air to Reconsider Wa-Kumasi Flights

Passion Airline Staff at the Airport

Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih, the Upper West Regional Minister has appealed to the Passion Air Company to consider re-opening its daily flights between Wa and Kumasi to enhance business activities.
He said traders in the region considered Kumasi as a business hub and therefore daily flights would help boost commercial transactions of the two regions.

Dr. Bin Salih made the appeal when Mr. Edward Annan-Accantable, Manager of Passion Air Company and other officials paid a courtesy call to him on Wednesday.

The Regional Minister also pleaded with Passion Air, which was airlifting Travellers from Accra-Wa daily to   double its flights on Fridays and Sundays.

This, he said, would facilitate the movement of people who come home to attend funerals and other activities during the weekends and to return to Accra to perform their business.

Dr. Bin Salih urged the Company to float its shares, as many business-minded people in the region were prepared and willing to buy the shares if the Company deemed it fit.

He said the operations of Passion Air had always been his priority to boost the air transport business in the region and “it is my prayer to see its transactions flourish because I consider it as one of my achievements for the people of the region.”

Mr Annan-Accantable said he was in the region to familiarise with the operations of the Company and to also know the workers and encourage them to deliver quality services to the people.

He encouraged Dr. Bin Salih not to rest on his oars while he was alive on earth, but to do his best for the people he was mandated to serve.

He appealed to the people in the region to endeavour to patronise its services to boost business transactions to enhance incomes and livelihoods.

Mr Samuel Ato Hagan, the Upper West Regional Manager of Passion Air Company, said patronage of the flight was encouraging and promised to make available the services of the Passion Air to the people.

Source: GNA

UW: 5 Businesses You Can Start with Ghc2,000

New Wa Market Structures

The Upper West Region is fast growing and several things are being put in place economically to yield returns.

Previously we saw some Businesses one can start with Ghc3,000 and we believe going forward we need to be innovative by bringing the budget down to Ghc2,000. Later in other articles we shall look at lower budgets before moving to higher ones.

The following are 5 Businesses you can start with Ghc2,000 in most parts of Upper West Region.

1. Renting Building Materials, One can rent building materials in both open and close places, these items include block moulding machine, Shovels, mortar pans wheel barrows and similar hardware Including tanks.
Previously a tank was hired at Ghc5 per day, with the bigger ones going for Ghc8 a day. You need a welder to get you at least two for a start.

2. Selling Books: One lucrative thing an individual can go into is the sales of books and stationeries, hardware Including text books, excercise books, pens, pencils, note books, plane sheets, rulers, mathematical sets, calculators et al. These items are in high demand close to basic schools and offices and one can start such a business with Ghc2,000 even on a Table before you rent a shop.

3. Selling Smocks and related items, Selling Smocks of Children and other materials can fetch you lots of Money, this can send you even far if you are good at using digital methods of tading such as WhatsApp and Facebook, take pictures and create a Facebook page or Whatsapp group to market your products, one can start the business with Ghc2,000 you only need to ensure your prices are moderate compared to others. Pricing is important.

4. Renting Plastic Chairs and Canopies: Per checks in the Market, a plastic Chair costs Ghc60 depending on the type, this means with Ghc2,000 you can get 30 Plastic Chairs for the start with a balance of Ghc200 for simple occasions such as meetings, naming ceremonies and weddings, it’s not a must for people to get all the number for chairs they want at your place, they can get some elsewhere and others from you so don’t feel 30 is too small for a start its a sign of failure to disregard small beginnings, get them, place a label on them and Inform people, the last time we checked, renting a chair for a day was Ghc1 it means you can get Ghc30 a day if all are taken and Ghc210 in a week if they are taken and kept for a week.

5. Create a Tea Joint: such businesses are locative mostly during cold seasons, get a table, a coal pot or a mini gas cylinder which costs about Ghc150, you also need tea products and sugar together with a bread supplier and some regular supply of eggs, get a two benches and a long table for the start. All you need to do is make your prices moderate and be friendly.

We are working to Release Businesses you Can start with Ghc1,000 Within Upper West in our next business window.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

Wa: The Second MTN Office with No Crowd to Register your Sim card


Wa Township

The Upper West Region with Over 900,000inhabitants has only two MTN Main Offices to Register one’s Sim Card and Receive other network related services.

The Main Office of MTN Ghana is located on the Wa Dodoo Street, Few Meters from Bank of Africa’s Wa Branch.

The magnitude of Crowd recorded at the Main office daily is alarming and as a result several customers from several parts of the Region and parts of Savannah Region Including Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District are compelled to queue for hours with others having no option than to Go back to their constituency and return the following day to queue again.

A Second and less busy office of MTN most people do not know is located on the J.J Rawlings Highway.

It’s few meters from the Catholic Church, On top of a Storey Building Opposite the Wa Community Center.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

UW: Aside TV Station, Another Media Option that Can be Introduced

Wa, Upper West Region

The Upper West Region since it was carved out of Upper Region in 1984 had only Radio Upper West, a Public Radio Station controlled by the Government of Ghana.

Radio Upper West is per law permitted to have the widest coverage in the Upper West Region.

Afterwards, Radio Progress was introduced by the Catholic Church in 1997 it was the second radio station in the Regional Capital before Bugli Radio at Tampaali Pani was also Introduced, Radio Fritz, Sungmaali FM and WFM came afterwards.

Radio Waa, Puopeli FM and Radio Mak were also Introduced before Home Radio was established.
Recently, Tunsung Radio has also been introduced. Plans are in place to Introduce 2 more radio stations in Wa and 1 more in Jirapa.

In other Districts and Municipalities, we have Nandom FM which, Von FM and in Lawra we have Lawra FM, West Link FM, we also have Gwollu FM in Sissala West and Radford FM in Sissala East. Tumpaani FM in Nadowli and Gangaa FM in Jirapa.

Radio Stations in the Region have created employment for several youth and have served as a medium for projecting community issues and development stories.

Aside Radio Stations as source of Information, there has been demands for a TV station to be established in the Region, plans are being put in place by some entrepeneurs to Introduce a TV station but the requirements are what some have no idea about.

Aside a TV Station, there is another medium of media communication we have not directed our minds towards, this medium is newspapers, a news paper is a printed set of information that contains texts and graphics including adverts for the purpose of informing and revealing information. We have several graphic companies in the capital Accra, can such be replicated in the Upper West Region? Sure it can be, we can have news paper media houses such as ‘The Upper West Gate’, ‘Upper West Hour’, Upper West Cover’ et al.

Meanwhile the Bridge News paper was an idea being spearheaded by Ismael Journah Gh and Bamie Tahir Ahmed but the development is on hold Currently.

Districts Without a Radio Station Include:
1. Daffiama-Bussie-Issa
2.Wa West
3. Wa East

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

Sissala East: Capacities of Women Farmers in Tumu Strengthened

Tumu in Sissala East Municipality

ActionAid Ghana, a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO), has organized a pre-season farming forum to empower and build the capacity of women farmers in Tumu in the Sissala East Municipality.

The forum provided farming, production, marketing and agro-processing opportunities within the agriculture value chain as well as a platform for networking opportunities between the women farmers and agro -input dealers.
The Agro input dealers at the forum included the Organic Farming Aid (OFA), Agrisolve, Tractor Operators and the officials of the Department of Agriculture among others.

The women farmers were taken through the proper use of chemicals such as pesticides and the need to wear protective clothing when spraying the chemicals on their farms among others.

Madam Zenabu Nibaradun, the Upper West Regional Programme Officer, ActionAid Ghana told the Ghana News Agency that women from several communities had been brought together to share information about the opportunities that exist in the agriculture value chain and how they could access them.

She said the forum made available the opportunities in the government policy of the Planting for food and jobs and how accessible the programmes were to the welfare of the women farmers.

“We want women to know the existing opportunities and how and where they can access them easily”, she said.
Mr Bukari Basi, a Budget Analyst from the Sissala East Municipal Assembly who spoke on behalf of the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), thanked the organisers for their constant contribution towards women empowerment.
He said there was the need for the recognition of women contribution towards Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the country.

He urged the women to see farming as a business, adding that it would help them take better care of their families from proceeds from their farms.

Mr Basi noted that, “The Assembly is doing a lot to promote economic activities to create access market for more accessible transportation of goods from their homes and farms to the market centres”.

He called for increased security for women on the farms and the communities and encouraged them to work in groups to enable them to learn from one another through networking.

The forum brought together 66 women farmers from over 30 communities to participate and build their capacity within the Agri industry.

Source: GNA

UW: 6 Businesses You Can Start with Ghc3,000 in Upper West

There are Several Business Opportununities in Upper West Region

Several People within Upper West Region are so much interested in business but not compared to formal education, economically it’s prudent to blend the two because after Education the next target is to earn a monthly Income, a flow that is renewed after 30 days, it may be significant based on the level of income and the time one gets away from public sector works.

If business products are in the south and involves travelling, reduce the travel by using platforms such as WhatsApp and MoMo, it will help, travelling takes away lots of profit from businesses.

The following are businesses one can do with Ghc3,000 in parts of Upper West Region.

1. Establish shops with minor Computer Electronics: One can establish a shop with minor Computer Electronics within nucleated settlements far from major markets, this will help people have access to such accessories even when they are far from the market. Some of these Include Phone covers, earphones, chargers, Pendrives,SD Cards, Housings, Small Phones, USB cables etc. There is much demand for these electronic packages due to the rate at which the masses have embraced technology you can include sale of some cards and call credit.

2. Go into Mobile Money Business. One can Go into Mobile Money Business in most Districts or Municipalities within the Region. A Business Certificate will cost approximately Ghc120 within the MMD Assembly within which you plan to establish the business, One is required to get a Merchant Sim Card from MTN or Vodafone Network Company. Per information gathered from a customer care officer within Wa, he explained that one can get a Merchant Sim at Ghc100, one should have a business certificate and a Ghana Card. A Customized Umbrella should cost not less than Ghc150.

3. Trading of Kids Wear. Buying and selling kids wear such as sandals, shirts, trousers and dresses is a minor source of income, several parents would want variety of options for their kids,going for these clothes, some children of school going age will also need sandals and This will also be a reason parents will prefer these options, the options should be affordable anyways.

4.Rearing Rabbits: per a Farmer’s Experience is rabbit farming, a rabbit can produce 7 offsprings in every three months during the Summer, mostly during the winter seasons it produces three offsprings, mostly the food rabbits enjoy which triggers them to produce more is watermelon. A rabbit can cost up to Ghc70 in the market.

5. Selling Electricity Appliances: One can begin selling or trading electricity appliances such as coils, bulbs, fans, cables, heaters, pipes in districts and rural areas away from major markets, not everyone will like to go to the market when their bulb is off permanently or when their coil gets spoilt, this means one can generate revenue from such electricity appliances including Remote control for TV Sets, Wireless set(Radio) etc.

6. Selling Curtains: One can begin selling Curtains as part of business with at least Ghc3,000 some curtains and pillows including carpets can be good for a start, this can be done in communities and some towns within the Upper West Region.

4 Businesses You Can start with Ghc2,000 will be Posted Soon.

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Wa: Almost 6,500 Zambarimas in Wa have no Work Permits – Yahaya Sadique

Wa MCE(Left), Mr. Yahaya Sadique (Right)

A Forex Trader and and Entrepreneur within the Wa Municipality, Mr. Yahaya Sadique has stated that several Nigerians Within the Wa Municipality Popularly called Zambarima have no Work Permits yet operate in the Regional Capital. He called on the Wa Municipal Assembly Headed by Hon. Issahaku Tahiru Moomin to address the concern.





Just some few days a go I saw on the wall of Hon Tahiru Issahaku Moomin where pictures of Zambarama business men and their chief paid a courtesy call to his office and I will use this opportunity to advice the revenue department of the wa municipal to expedite action and to up their game in their revenue collection and looking at this Zambarima traders the data I am perusing indicates their number to be in the neighbourhood of 6500 and less than 2% of them are having working permit and I will suggest the municipal should establish a task force whose responsibility will be to design a working permit and identify all non Ghanaian residence in the municipal who are working or doing business in the municipal without working permit , register them and issue them with such permit which is subject to renewal annually or bi annually for a fee of let day ghc500 and you can imagine the amount the the municipal will generate in terms of revenue and even currently those free lance manu and pedicure operators should not be left to operate freely like that because their operations has a dire medical implications and should be checked so with this my little Idea I hope the municipal will take it up.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

Wa: Price of Eggs Drop Marginally

File Photo

Price of Fowl Eggs have dropped marginally at mass production avenues within the Wa Municipality of Upper West Region.

A Crate was sold for Ghc32 in several shops within the Town. The Pricing window of July 2022 has resulted in prices dropping to Ghc29 and Ghc28 in some areas, at some tea joints, one egg was sold at Ghc2 but has reduced to Ghc1.50.

Speaking to Top K ventures, a distributor within the municipality, he indicated that the reduction Was necessary in order to cushion customers within the season of high inflation.

Prices are expected to remain stable till the month of August Comes to an end, Top K suggested the price of Poultry feed will serve a major decider in pricing of eggs.

Meanwhile Price of Sachet Water has also dropped In Wa, a bag containing 30 pieces goes for Ghc4 whilst 4 pieces go for Ghc1 relatively compared with Ghc5 in June and Ghc1 for three pieces whilst cool Pac still goes for Ghc5.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

Lawra Municipal Assembly Achieves 17% of 2022 Revenue Target

Municipal Chief Executive for Lawra, Jacob Domekakpier Dery

The Lawra Municipal Assembly (LMA) has mobilized GH₵115,046.26 representing only 17.70 per cent of its GH₵650,000.00 revenue target for the year 2022 as of Thursday, July 21, 2022.

The Babile/Brifoh Area Council contributed GH₵3,100.00, being the area council with the highest contributor within the period, followed by the Lawra Town Council with GH₵2,500.00, Ermon Area Council GH₵1,100.00 and the Zambo Area Council with GH₵904.00 with the treasury being GH₵115,046.26.

This was contained in the address by Mr Jacob Domekakpier Dery, the Lawra Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), to the Assembly during its first general meeting last Thursday.

He observed that the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF), one of the main sources of funding for the assembly was becoming unreliable as the release of funds by the central government was dwindling.

According to him, out of the target of GH₵4,406,851.64 for the year, only GH₵659,381.15 representing 14.96 per cent had so far been received.

He explained that as part of the disbursement of the DACF, the assembly had constructed a dormitory block for the Lawra Nursing Training College which was currently in use.

The MCE also talked about the Persons with Disability Fund component of the DACF and said, an amount of GH₵135,563.84 had been received within this year, out of which GH₵44,953.00 had been disbursed to beneficiaries.

“Out of this amount about GH₵8,500.00 was spent on sponsorship for eight disabled students at various levels of education.

“The disability committee has met to review various applications received and recommended for management for disbursement of the remaining GH₵90,610.84”, he stated.

Source: Philip Tengzu

UW: Man Upset with the Size of Ghc2 Banku in Wa

A Man Said This Banku is too Expensive

A Man within the Wa Municipality has gone wild over the size of a ball of Banku in the Municipality.

In a video he recorded without his picture and face,he was overhead in the faceless video blaming some Residents for the development, he added that several people have taken Residents for a ride and as a result increase prices to amass excess profits whilst consumers suffer.

“Oh, so is this Banku equivalent to Ghc2, let’s be honest, you’ll just eat it once and that ends it, even if a bowl of corn is Ghc2 but this ball of Banku is too small, a bowl of corn can produce 30 of this, things in Wa are too expensive compared to other parts of Ghana, food, building materials and others ahba!, Imagine the distance of Bolga, yet things are cheaper in Bolga compared to Wa, image when Corona was here with us, Residents used to hide sanitizers, if people should die who will buy your products, why are you so wicked, let’s be careful, remember there is judgement..”

Inflation in Upper West is the Highest Amongst the 5 Regions Within the Northern Belt.

Video uploaded on our YouTube Channel.

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