Miss Lilian braces up for Miss Dumba semis

Miss Lilian Naalu-Ib

Miss Lilian Naalu-Ib, contesting queen in the ongoing Miss Dumba Beauty Pageantry, has braced herself up in the lead-up to the semifinals stage of the completion this week.

The contest seeks to promote the cultural heritage of the Upper West Region and harness the intellects of the beautiful ladies in the competition to deepen social impact through their projects.

Given the aforementioned, Miss Lilian, arguably, has proven to be felicitous for the crown by all reasonable measures.

Miss Lilian has exuded demonstrable and unmatched qualities of a queen that make her ideal for the respected title.

Her deep-seated understanding of the culture and traditions of the region coupled with her strong passion and engagement in social support activities are very much evidence of her personality and ideals.

She is a lead volunteer of Bahass Foundation, an organization that is committed to supporting mental health services in the region.

She volunteers for several other social services including the recent mobilisation of resources which culminated in the purchase of a brand new ambulance for the Upper West Regional Hospital.

Miss Lilian intends to leverage the Miss Dumba title in deepening her impact and support for mental and reproductive health activities in the region.

She is the underdog who proves much more substantial in the competition.

Source: Info Radio|Aminu Ibrahim

UW: DaFra Awards Held in Wa, List of Winners

DaFra Awards

The DAGAABA FRAFRA 2022 Award’s Night took place at Wa the Upper West Regional capital with much excitement and fanfare .

The awards night which was scheduled to take place in the night as usual of the event was rather held during the day due to the security issues within the Wa municipality in recent times especially the issue of killings and abduction

Although the venue was packed with personalities from all walks of life, one of the greatest moment of the event was when one of the top radio presenters of Gangaa fm 94.3 Mr. Pius Suglo also know as Bibilizaa Sankoma The Blessed Son won the overall DaFra Awards with three others from Jirapa.

Pius was chosen as the overall Best Gospel Artist of the year the 2022 Edition of DaFra (Dagaaba Frafra) Award Festival among other competitors

He was given 32 inch Tv set, a plaque and a Citation.

A citation was also given to the most active Foundation of the year “Glazoya Help Foundation” and it was awarded to Madam Gladys Zoyaari the founder who is a nurse in Jirapa Urban centre in the Jirapa municipality.

The other two award winning Artistes were Nicholas Mwin with stage name “Rapture” who also won the Hip hop artist of the year

Another person by name Libanus Ningwie with the stage name “Joe Crack” also won DaFra Music Artist of the year.

In accordance to the cordial relationship between the Dagaaba and Frafra (DaFra),as history have it they were once family relatives ( brothers ) and later departed with each other to different lands to settle due to some disagreements over dog head.

The disagreement resulted from food insecurity known as Hyperphagia in the 18th century when the brothers slaughtered the animal dog for a meal. This is how the dagaba frafra solidarity started.

Full List of Winners



Visual Artist of the year
Khin Flex (Bingo art)

Creative Poet of the year
Dayan De Poet

Hairstylist of the year
Ike Town Inno

Hip Hop Artist of the year

Reggae Artist of the year
Emma K

Gospel Artist of the year
Suglo Pius

Rapper of the year
City Rapper

Highlife Artist of the year

Dancehall Artist of the year
Ras Trusty

Afro Music Artist of the year

Best Song Collabo of the year
Gentle kin

Local Song of the year

Personality in Community Development
Hellen Dery

Foundation of the year
Dagara Culture Connect (DCC)

Social Media Influencer of the year
VirginKing Milla

Actor of the year
Joe Crack

Emerging Music Artist of the year
Sokoto Blinkz

Emerging DJ of the year
Dj Hercules

Entrepreneur of the year
Dzang Yakubu Mubarik (MBK)

Radio Personality of the year
DJ Smart

Blogger of the year
Kusiele Ziem

DJ of the year
DJ Phamouz

Runner Ups Medals and Certificate Presentation

Source: Gangaa FM

UW: No Student of Dan Ibu is a Hustler – Lady Goes Gaga


Ekua Zuleha








A Popular Social Media Activist by Name Ekua Zuleha from Wa has Advocated against calling students of Dan Ibu Hustlers.

In a statement of hers currently trending on several platforms, she noted that hustling is for past students of public schools.


“You go Dan lbu
but if we Dey talk about hustle you too
u dey talk some, what do
you know about hustle?”

Hustling is a process of striving through thick and Thins to make ends meet as one grows in life.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

UW: Raphius Outlines 7 Names that Truely Supported Him


Award Winning Artiste from the Upper West Region by Stage name Raphius Amigos has released identities of 7 major people who Supported his music career when he was actively producing in Wa.

The Musician who is currently out of the Country has mentioned names in an interview with Upperwestmedia Team and the names are as follows.

“For business men I cannot count, a lot of people have Supported me, so many people, I can mention Alhaji Abudi, I can mention Alhaji Seidu, I can mention Ramzy, I can mention Toyiba, I can mention Hon. Alban Bagbin, I can mention Hon. Rashid Pelpuo and co, Nuhu Putiaha, from politicians to business men”.

He urged people to discuss Business with him and not just issue donations to support music.

“The necessary Support is what we’ve been talking about, People who will strike Business deals with you, Business but not just the usual ‘i want to support Raphius’ with Ghc100, Ghc200, that is what is drawing the industry back”.

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Source: Upperwestmedia.net

Miss Dumba’22: Lilian’s enthralling mimicry of legendary Sir Gyader et al

Dr Gyedar(Right) Lillian(Left)

Competing queens for the Miss Dumba title Saturday took on stage enthralling performances in which they mimicked some key personalities, late and living, who hailed from the Upper West Region.

Various contestants mimicked a plethora of personalities but the mimicry of the seasoned medical practitioner, the legendary Sir Edward Mwinyour Gyader by contestant Lilian Naalu-Ib brought many an audience to terms with the life of the surgical doctor.

Lilian’s impressionist performance upstage took two forms to depict the personality of her copycatted character as well as his career.

The first department of her performance took the form of a radio interview in which she profiled the life of her mimicked personality.

Mimicking the career of Sir Gyader, Miss Lilian adorned herself in professional medical attire in which she diagnosed a hernia patient and went ahead to carry a surgery on the patient.

The icing on the cake was the point Lilian mimicked Sir Gyader’s usage of a flashlight to perform surgery as he is said to have been doing during his very active days.

The performance denied audiences the blink of their eyes and the waft of their ears as they watched and listened in craving the life Story of the Upper West hero.

Speaking in an interview with Miss Lilian backstage, she said the life of the surgical doctor is one of a selfless and human-loving kind and that was what motivated her to mimic him to her audience.

“He is full of compassion, one of a rare kind who loves people and lives his life for humanity,” Lilian praised, saying that his [Sir Gyader] life is worthy of emulation.

Lilian has found compassion for mental health and the wellbeing of the mentally disabled – as she volunteers for the Bahass Foundation – and would leverage the crown of Miss Dumba to serve this class of people in society.

“Mental health is my area of concern and will help the mentally disabled as Bahass is already doing, should I win the crown,” she said.

With all her ambitions and goodwill for society, what will keep Miss Lilian in the competition and consequently win the Miss Dumba title to impact society is the generosity of your votes.

Miss Dumba’22: Ambitious Lilian eyes crown to impact society

The journey to the crowning of a Miss Dumba queen for the 2022 edition as nine beautiful daughters of Upper West battles it out in a highly competitive contest.

Miss Lilian Naalu-Ib, one of the contesting Miss Dumba queens, has loads of ambitions to positively Impact society as she seeks the crown.

Among the packets of ambitions is her desire to pursue the well-being and welfare of the mentally disabled in society.

As a mental health ambassador with the Bahass Foundation, Miss Lilian prioritizes Making commitments to support the marginalized, less-cared-for group should she win the title.

Leveraging on the title of Miss Dumba coupled with volunteerism with the Bahass Foundation, she believes a lot more could be done for such ‘isolated’ members of society.

Likewise, she pledges to optimize adolescent sexual and reproductive health education and promotion among teenagers and schoolchildren as part of efforts to clamp down on teenage pregnancy.

The personality of Lilian depicts an amiable figure who is alluring, as she welcomes people she comes in contact with, with infectious smiles.

Her friendly nature, sense of humour, love for people and real fondness for talking with people endear her to many.

She currently studies at the Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (SDD-UBIDS).

The road to the social impact she so desires is a collective that everyone needs to share in and support by voting to keep her in the Contest and ultimately to win the grand prize.


Miss Dumba’22: Asin-ma returns for Star Performer as Leila and Ngmennasong shine

Most sensational performer in the ongoing Miss Dumba Beauty Contest, Jessica Abatanie with stage name, Asin-ma, has returned this week to pick the prize of Star Performer after she went fallow last week.

This has brought her total wins of the prize to 3 in the four weeks of night performances so far since the beginning of the Miss Dumba journey.

She grabbed the award after putting up a highly captivating and irresistibly humorous performance on stage outshining her contenders to pick the enviable prize.

Asin-ma’s great display of confidence on stage and perfect oratory blended with her super artistic skills gives her unparalleled admiration and raving control of her audience.

“Wow, I just give God all the praise. The feeling is just extraordinary.

“Today, I wasn’t expecting the prize but I thank God for everything,” Asin-ma described her experience in an interview with Info Radio backstage after receiving the award.

She intimated that her performances meet the expectations of the judges, winning her the prizes as she believed in thoroughly researching, well rehearsing and being herself in getting the job done.

Her Saturday performance described the poor attitude to work by professionals leading to low productivity and sometimes loss of lives.

She acted as a nurse who got to work and spent almost all her time on social media – TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc – while an accident patient battled his life to death under her negligence to duty.

She then returned to advise against the attitude, urging people to value their professions and work to the fullest of their mandate for human good.

Miss Leila Abu who enjoys the highest chorus from audience among her peers retained the award of Best Costume having attracted the awarding discretion of judges of the night.

She was full of gratification that she protected her debut award in the contest in a row.

Leila’s performance was on early marriage in which she walked her audience through the subject matter.

Paulina Ngmennasong who commands an appealing voice took home with ease the prize of Most Eloquent for the third conservative time.

Ngmennasong receiving award for Most Eloquent

Her strong possession of great oral skills put her at maxim which naturally endears the award to her.

Ngmennasong preached sanitation and hygiene on stage in a clear fashion to her audience and won the admiration of judges to clinch the award.

The 10-week journey to the crowning of a Miss Dumba queen keeps getting more and more intriguing as all potential queens put in enthralling performances and dazzle their audiences each week.

There has been no eviction yet as the nine queens battle it into the fifth week come Saturday.

Source: Amin Ibrahim/ Info Radio

UW: I’m Also a Big Artiste, Whether you like it or Not – Wiyaala


Ghanaian Afro-pop singer, Wiyaala, has made it clear that she can not be taken for a ride, especially when she knows her worth in the music industry.

In a now-deleted video on Facebook, the singer lamented the disrespect she was subjected to at the SummerStage Festival in New York on August 13.

She claimed the organizers gave more reverence to her Ghanaian brother, Shatta Wale, by presenting his award on stage but doing her presenting backstage.

This, resulted in her decision to reject the award from the President of The Bronx Borough, Vanessa L. Gibson.

Wiyaala mentioned that Shatta, the man she gladly introduced on stage after her performance, is one of the amazing singers from Ghana, but that did not warrant being treated second to him.

“You didn’t want to give me my award as the first performer because you think when Shatta comes to take his the second time, it won’t make him look good because I should be the smaller artiste, I understand.

“I have refused the citation, you can have it. I will not be disrespected like that. No, I will not. My band and I rehearsed. We did so many rehearsals, only for you guys to do this and after that, you tell me to take the award behind the stage. I am also a big artiste whether you like it or not. Shatta is an amazing and fantastic artiste. I even promoted him on the stage before I left,” she stated.

Source: Ghanaweb

UW: DaFra Awards Festival to be held in Wa

Some DaFra Nominees

The Clubbable Africa DaFra Awards Festival will be held in Wa next month per confirmation from Organizers.

The Award Was Organized to honour industrious showbiz team players within the Upper West Region and Upper East Region.

Some notable Artistes and media houses have been nominated and the competition is opened for voting till 31st of August 2022. Nominees were shortlisted in June 2022.


‼️ Prices‼️
Winners for each category will receive plaque and framed certificate
Winners with 5,000votes will receive 32Inches TV/Fridge or smartphone in addition to the plaque and certificate.
1st & 2nd Runner ups with 250votes for each category will receive a medal and certificate on stage
All other nominees with 250votes will receive certificate of participation.

NB: The least votes a winner for each category must attain is 500votes.

All winners will be promoted on social media to reach a 50,000 online audience with their craft.

No award scheme recognizes runner ups. Moreover, they will be honoured on stage just like the winners.
We are the first so lets all kindly appreciate.

Cost per vote is Ghc 0.50

Some Notable showbiz players in the Nomination list includes DJ Hercules of Tunsung Radio in the category of Emerging DJ o the Year.
In the Actor of the Year Category, we have Balaara Rojar and Dimbie Jamal competing for the Slot. In the Afro Music Category of the Year, we have Abesig, Addy Lincon, Auggy, Famebwoy,Harmless Vid, King Raskid, kizito,Lyrikhal Nyz, Maaseg, Naked Wire, Prince Wonde, Samson B, Weezy Bwoy Soorebia, Stunner, Yong Kala competing for the slot.

With the Best Rapper of the Year Category, Area king, Blogboi, City Rapper, Dagau Okito, Harmless Vid, NY GH, Rap Kowa, Rap Naaba Gh, Rapture, Stylish_Rap Tindana will be competing for the slot.

Best Song Collabo of the year will have the following Artistes competing for it: Gentle Kin, Khulex khin, Naked Waya and Tommy_Bancx.

Blogger of the Head category features, Atingane Adumbire, Ibrahim Fuseini Adams, Kusiele Ziem, Kwabena Defresh, Upper West Media, Wajaa Kim Boss.
Comedian of the Year Category:
Aj Sugar, Simple Bwoy, Sixteen, Ziggy Motanus.

Dancehall Artiste of the year
Danicash, FingerX, jackstill, King Mulik, Madusar, Maguy, Ras Trusty, Shakil Rankin, Solo Tee.

Dancer Dance group of the year
Afrosky,High Spirit Dance Academy,Junior DanceGod, Legend 4 Dancers, Sixteen.

DJ of the Year
DJ Bum, DJ Kpagam, DJ Phamouz, DJ Strange, DJ Vision, DJ Wax, Spin DJ Dona.

Emerging DJ of the Year
DJ Ant Kaahaa, DJ Bum, DJ Freaky, DJ Hercules, DJ Risky, DJ Smart, DJ Star, DJ Strange.
Emerging Music Artiste of the Year
King Mulik, Meyir Brown, Reezy Bwoy, Sokoto Blinkz, Solo Tee, Swag Bwoy, Tommy_Bancx, True Bwoy, Khin Felix, Crizz Blaiz.

Event House of the Year
Whitespot Event
Event of the Year
Upper West Creative Art Awards
Fashion Designer of the Year
Korkor Designs

Foundation of the Year
Dagara Culture Connect (DCC)
Glazoya Help Foundation
Gospel Artiste of the Year
Elvis Nsoyine, Suglo Pius, Twist Heaven.

Hairstylist of the Year
Iyke Town Inno
Health Educator of the Year
Werekuu Yelbeyire Ernestina

Highlife Artiste of the Year
Aj Sugar, Emma K, Latingo, NY GH
Hippop Artiste of the Year
Phrenzy, Rapture, Soorebia,
Leadership personality of the Year
Dr. Charles Lwanga Bayel
Ibrahim Fuseini Adams, Joe Tambil

Local Music Artiste of the Year
Daaru Jacob
Rev. Fr. Vitalis

Local Song of the Year
Make-up Artist of the Year
Bee Banaanwine
MC of the Year
Alex Bamele Zaga
MC Zona Suarez
Morris Banaanwine
Model of the Year
Model Vitus

Most Creative Poet of the Year
Dayan De Poet

Music Artiste of the year
Amb Ibrahim, Finger X, Gentle Kin, Joe Crack, Reezy Bwoy

Music Group of the Year
D2S GH, Khulex empire, Rockcity Bongo
Personality in Community Development of the Year
Ayire Emmanuel Adongo, Hellen Dery, Morris Banaanwine.

Promoter of the Year
DJ Rocky GH, Dûmbâ Brâîñ, Lonji Korko Gameli,Mc Zonna Suarez, Pepzig, Rafik Prince

Radio Personality of the Year
Bashiru Karim Atindaana, DJ Smart, Kunlie Joshua, Morris Banaamwine, Sunnabuo Magnus.

Raggae Artiste of the Year
DaniCash, Emma K, Infiniti Sparta, Ras Trusty

Social Media Influencer of the Year
Pepzig, Princess Zaato, Queen Sucex, VirginKing Milla

Sound Producer/Engineer of the Year
Dagau Okito,Don Mello,Frediskillz Beatz, Khulex Beatz, PM Lexiz, Qobrah Beatz, Rap2 Beatz, StarG Beatz

Sports Personality of the Year
Bamele Zaga Alex, Bashiru Karim Atindaana

Traditional Song of the Year

Videographer of the Year
Bernice Nsa-anu

Visual Artiste of the Year
Fire Art, Khin Flex (Bingo art), Spanky Dhosted (Bingo Art)

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

Can Wiyaala and Sherifa Gunu Collaborate Now?

Wiyaala and Sherifa Gunu

Two most Celebrated female Artistes in the North of Ghana are yet to release a song together. They both have a similar trade mark and perform in similar style, they go the true African way with the use of African fabrics and African assent and language.

Wiyaala is from Funsi in the Wa East District of Upper West Region, she prefers to be called the Lioness. She has Performed for prodigious figures such as the queen of England, Queen Elizabeth. She has also received several awards Including Afrima Awards and From VGMA.

She has released songs Including Woyayaa, Go Back Stars Go, Tinambayi, Leno et al.

Wiyaala Came into the limelight in Early 2014 and currently being managed by John Sherren.

Sherif Gunu has also been in the Music Industry since 2014 and has released songs with Popular artistes such as Sarkodie, one of her Popular songs ‘Sherifa’ was the most played in Ghana and beyond, she is from the Royal family of Dagbon in Northern Regional Capital, Tamale. She has released several hit songs such Dokpeda, Beautiful and Salamatu.

Sherifa in 2014 had accused Wiyaala of Using her song without permission.

According to Sherifa, she was premeditating to record the song ‘Africa’ with Akon before Wiyaala Released the track, Sherifa indicated that Wiyaala Contacted her and she gave her permission to use her song per an interview on Starr Chat.

Can the Two Release a song together, or is there something more to not releasing a song together? The fans are expecting something good from the two African artistes.

They are both to Perform outside the country in few weeks to come.

From 10th September to 31 December, Sherifa shall be performing in various cities and countries Including New Jersey, Columbus Ohio, Chicago, Hertford CT, Bronx NY, Atlanta,New York and Philadelpia.

Wiyaala is also outside currently and has Performed in Slovenia.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

UW: Upper West Artistes Heading for Doom without Education – Milikayoma Defends Back2

Milikayooma urged artistes to pursue Education

Award Winning Artiste within the Spheres of Upper West Region has Supported a statement issued by back 2, suggesting Upper West Musicians will live from hand to mouth if they fail to pursue Education first.

In a post made by the Rapper he detailed that even security jobs will be difficult to get if artistes fail to embrace formal education,he gave a time frame of 10years.

Milikayoma confirmed that the Development is True adding that Back2 has even raised the bar.

“It’s true, music can frustrate you sometimes because you can’t trend always as an artiste, it’s like begging or pleading for favor, mostly when it’s time to canvas for votes, one needs to get a job or a skill alongside the music, Artistes won’t be favored if they fail to pursue formal education”.

Listen to Audio Below:

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

UW: Entertainment Journalists Not Supportive Enough – Raphius


Northern Entertainment Awards(NEA) Artiste of the Year 2019, Raphius Amigos has Narrated why musicians in Wa and other Districts within the Region find it difficult to penetrate.

In an Interview with Upperwestmedia Team, he indicated that most Journalists do not actively share content of artistes, he added that some do not even follow artistes on Social media to see developments about them continuing that most Entertainment Journalists in the Region are only good at criticizing artistes without giving productive recommendations as to the way forward.

“Truely, we are not getting the Necessary Support the pundits and Social media Reporters, they are not even following our works, most don’t follow my page, most of them don’t share my stuff, how do I grow, the only thing they know is just to criticize, just to come to social media and criticize, upper west Artistes don’t brand themselves, that’s the only thing they know, social media is free, you are on social media but we only see them share stuff of Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Macassio, how many of my works do they share?, It shouldn’t always be about Supporting with donations, come with business, come with agreements, deals, not the usual Ghc100 and stuff”.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net