Wa: Trainee Nurse Apologises After Release of Viral ‘Life Threatening’ Video

A Trainee Nurse by name Lubabatu has been spotted in a Viral Video indicating she has no passion for health service delivery because she was compelled by her parents to pursue the program. She added that patients should get ready because she had come to ‘kill’ a trend she copied from TikTok.

Checks revealed that the trend was on TikTok and several nurses had taken part in the competition.

The Trainee with TikTok name @PortableKeera released a new video expressing deep regret for earlier
recording the viral life threatening piece in her nursing uniform.

Earlier Statement in TikTok Video

“”Ok! I never had the passion to be a nurse but my relatives forced me, fine! I’m to complete my Program of study, once you see me around your health facility, begin to run with your bag for your life else I will kill! You!”.

Apology on TikTok

“Good Morning to You all,I made a video in Waali and it went viral and was misunderstood, I didn’t mean to hurt anybody in any way, I love my profession, there was a sound on TikTok Popularly being used in English, so I acted in the English version and someone suggested I do it in Waali version so I translated it from English to Waali but it went the other way round, I never mean to hurt anybody in future when I’m working,I love my work and I’m apologising, kindly forgive me..”

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Wa: Gabriel Mwini Defends Nurse over ‘Life Threatening’ Video

Gabriel Mwini(Left), Miss Lubabatu (Right),

General Manager of Info Radio Station in Wa by me Gabriel Mwini has indicated that the viral life threatening video circulating on tiktop by a trainee in nurse Wa is a joke.

He urged people not to take it serious in reaction to a statement posted by a Journalist, Alexis Anzagira, Demanding for Actions to be Taken on the Trainee, Alexis Anzagira Demanded that The Police and Regional Health Director Take Action to curb such developments.

“I Call on the Upper West Police Command to Arrest this trainee nurse for questioning, I also call on the Regional Director of health service as a matter of urgency get this trainee nurse forget necessary actions to be taken because we can’t gamble with people’s lives. I was Informed that her name is Lubabatu, a former student of Jirapa Community College”.

The Statement Reacted upon by Mr. Gabriel Mwini who suggested the girl was only joking

“It’s a Comedy. Not real, it’s on TikTok.”.

Meanwhile Others Disagreed with Mr. Gabriel’s Suggestion.

The Trainee Nurse has Used same medium to Apologise.

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UW: Trainee Nurse Threatens to Kill Patients in Wa[Video]

The Student Nurse Threatened to Kill

A Student Nurse by Tiktok Name Portable Keera has threatened to take the lives of any patient she faces after completion of her program of study.

The Nurse who spoke Waali indicated that she was forced to pursue a nursing program due to the Monetary value attached to it. She added that she had completed and she is ready to inflict pain on patients and if possible Kill them to make money.

@portablekeera stated on Tiktok, a social media app for sharing videos:
“Ok! I never had the passion to be a nurse but my relatives forced me, fine! I’m to complete my Program of study, once you see me around your health facility, begin to run with your bag for your life else I will kill! You!”.

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Provisional List of Lawyers from Upper West Region


Few days after list of PhD Holders was released, several people have suggested a list of lawyer will also be prodigious if a list of Lawyers could be sorted out.

Lawyers are significant figures of our country. They are counselors, Teachers, Psychologists and career developers. Though some Investigations carried out by Ana’s Aremeyaw Ana’s had proven that some Lawyer were not working in the interest of the innocent by submitting to bribes, other had maintained those dignity and some Lawyers in Upper West Region won the test by refusing bribes given by Anas Aremeyaw Ana’s in 2015.

List of Some Renowned Lawyers from Upper West Region.

1. Lawyer Clement Eledi
2. Lawyer Ambrose P. Dery
3. Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakuur
4. Lawyer Charles Lwanga Puoziung
5. Lawyer Lwanga Bogonluri
6. Lawyer Ubeidu Siddique
7. Lawyer Yoni Kulendi(Justice)
8. Lawyer Naa Mujeeb Kelle
9. Lawyer Bede Ziedeng
10. Lawyer Richard Badombie (Late)
11.Lawyer Thaddeus Sory
12.Lawyer Nuhela Seidu
13. Lawyer Abu Juan Jagiara
14. Lawyer Clara Beeri
15.Lawyer Abubakari Mutiu-Rahman
16. Lawyer Wahid Bampuori Iddrisu
17. Lawyer Fidel Liviel
18. Lawyer Sylvester Isang
19.Lawyer Stephen Sondem
20.Lawyer Bennettee Aabangbio Nakaar
21.Lawyer Daniel Bewel
22.Lawyer Joseph Siilo
23.Lawyer Vitalis Suglo
24.Lawyer Peter Angyiereyiri
25. Lawyer Terrence
26. Lawyer Isaac Kunko
27. Lawyer Superatus Ongoh

You can add a Lawyer in the Comment Section Below if he or she isn’t included in the list.

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Sissala East: Committee inaugurated to protect Gbele Resource Reserve

Gbelle Game Reserve

A Protected Area Management Advisory Unit (PAMAU) for the Gbele Resource Reserve has been inaugurated at Tumu in the Sissala East Municipality of the Upper West Region.
The 13-member advisory unit simply known as PAMAU was sworn-in by the Magistrate of the Tumu District Court, Ernest Yao Agbenya.
The advisory unit which is the first of its kind in Upper West will among others, assist the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission to implement the Protected Area Management Plan through the mobilization of local support.

Correspondent Emmanuel Mensah-Abludo reports that members of PAMAU as part of their mandate will help the Wildlife Division in the development and protection of sacred groves and other sites that are valued by the people.

The Chairman of the Sissala East PAMAU, Kuoro Mahamadu Zakaria Savei indicated that he and his team will engage the fringe communities as their immediate task to help address the challenge of encroachment on lands in the Gbele Reserve and pledged the readiness of the team to serve.

“We shall place our individual expertise at your disposal unrestricted and we are ready to help at all times,”Kuoro Savei emphasized.
The Park Manager of the Gbele Resource Reserve, Dr Polycarp Maabier who is also a member of PAMAU announced that the Reserve is benefiting from the Ghana Landscape Restoration and Small-Scale Mining Project (GLRSSMP) supports the implementation of collaborative resource management for fringe communities.

He continued that under the project, Sissala West and Daffiama-Bussie-Issa (DBI) Districts as well as Sissala East Municipality which are the three political administrative enclaves hosting the Gbele Resource will be supported to conserve a total land size of 244,813.55 hectares the Community Resource Management Area (CREMA) approach.

Dr Maabier talked about “dawadawa” value chain as one of the benefits the communities will derive from the project. “When you take our Park for instance, the Gbele Resource Reserve, we are bringing on board dawadawa processing, they want to enhance the dawadawa value chain.

We have already worked on the organic shea value chain and the communities, the PAMAUs will be able to advice the Park that look, if we set up such an industry here, it will benefit a larger community,” he noted.

The MCE for Sissala East, Fuseini Yakubu Batong underscored the need for the tourism potentials of the area to be trumpeted to enable the needed revenue to be generated from the Gbele Resource Reserve and asked for the roads in his Municipality to be ungraded.

Mr Batong said: “I will like to use this opportunity to appeal to the road minister to come to the aid of the Sissala people.”

The Chief of Duang and Chairman of DBI PAMAU, Kuoro Sumaila Tambogikuon reiterated the necessity for all relevant stakeholders within the political class to treat the road issue as an urgent and critical need for development.

A former District Secretary and retired educationist, Daniel Yoho who chaired the function emphasized the necessity for the members of PAMAU and the staff of the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission to be protected to deliver in their line of duty.

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UW: Provisional List of PhD Holders in Upper West Region

Some Notable PhD Holders in Upper West Region

It’s has been made obvious by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) that the Upper West Region has 516 PhD Holders which is the 10th Region with Higest Number of PhD Holders in the Country.

The Greater Accra Region is on top of the list with 11,454 PhD Holders.

Checks By Upperwestmedia Team has revealed some PhD Holders(Dr.) we have from the Upper West Region. Medical Doctors however will not be included in the List.

Some PhD Holders in the Upper West Region Include:

1. Dr. Edmund Delle
2.Dr. Benjamin Kumbuor
2. Dr. Camynta Baezie
4. Dr. Daniel Bagah
5. Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih
6. Dr. Ernest Ganaa
7. Dr. Hamidatu Darimani
8. Dr. Insah Baba
9. Dr. Tanko Daniel
10. Dr. Rashid Pelpuo
11.Dr. Elias Kunedeb Sowley
12.Dr. Abubakari Ahmed(UDS)
13. Dr. Mark Bayor Kyengbe
14.Dr. Wadeyir Jonathan Abesig
15. Dr Adam Bodomo
16.Dr. Damasus Tuurosung
17. Dr. Godfred Jasaw
18. Dr. Bright Yelvieldong Baligi
19. Dr. Richard Kuuire
20. Dr. Nina Wayne Tiertoore
21. Dr. Daanoba Sunkari
22. Dr. Felix Kuuseg
23. Dr. James A. Saanchi
24.Dr. Richard Beyogle
26. Dr. Kelvin Bepagr
27.Dr. Alfred Dongzagla
28. Dr. Augustine Bavi
29.Dr. Augustine Dery
30.Dr. Dakyaga Francis
31.Dr. Yidaana (UEW)
32.Dr. Domwini Dabire Kuupole
33. Dr. Sumaila Asuru
35. Dr. Bayuasi Luki Namei
36.Dr. Malcolm Mambuora Dery
37. Dr. Martin Segtop
38. Dr. Jebuntie Joshua Zaato
39. Dr. Felix Longi
40. Dr. Bernard Ziem
41.Dr. Ewurah Kandiah Suleman
42. Dr. Elias Sorry
43.Dr. Narious Naalane
44. Dr. Gilbert Zana Naab
45. Dr. Mathias Zana Naab Lobilo
46.Dr. Naab Francis Zana
47. Dr. Sufuyan N-yo
48.Dr. Andrew Azaabanye Bayor
49. Dr Amina Jangu
50. Dr. Francis Bacho
51. Dr. Isaac K. Galyuoni
52.Dr. M.B Yidaana
53. Dr Felix Dapare Dakurah
54.Dr Isaac Luginah
55. Dr. Banong K. Bruce
56. Dr. Patrick Aaniamenga Bowan
57. Dr. Aliata Mumuni
58.Dr. Solomon Dansieh
59. Dr. Vitus Tabie
60. Dr. Martin Donani
61. Dr. Issaka Kanton Osumanu

You Can add Others in the Comments Section Below.

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UW: Dr Hilla Limann Technical University To Cough over GHc7,000 Back To State

Lecture Theater of University

Dr James Klutse Avedzi, Chairman of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament, on Monday gave Management of the Dr Hilla Limann Technical University, in Wa, a week’s ultimatum to remit GHc7,312.68 to the pension fund.

The 2019 Auditor General’s report of the public accounts of technical universities and polytechnics indicated that Dr Hilla Limann Technical University failed to remit the first and second-tier mandatory pension contributions of nine of its employees.

The PAC considered this a violation of section three of the National Pensions Act 2008, Act 766 as indicated in the report and directed the University’s Management to make necessary arrangements to pay the statutory contributions to the appropriate scheme.

The PAC, while probing the Dr Hilla Limann Technical University during its sitting in Tamale, found out that the institution failed to take the necessary steps as recommended by the committee during the previous sitting.

Also in the report, the Audit Service’s review of store records and physical stock-taking indicated that 27 photocopier toners procured by the Technical University in 2016, valued at GHc3,360 were unused and branded obsolete.

The PAC, during its previous sitting, recommended that the Technical University should ensure efficiency in stock management to avoid wastage, which they failed to do.

Professor Elias Sowley, Vice-Chancellor of the Dr Hilla Limann Technical University, in response to the infraction, said Management found out that the toners were not compatible with the University’s photocopiers anymore.

He said plans were advanced to sell the toners to other tertiary or pre-tertiary institutions, whose photocopiers could match them.

In view of this, the Chairman of PAC recommended that the University’s Management quickened arrangements to sell the toners to avoid sanctions for causing financial loss.

The PAC began sitting in Tamale on Monday, August 8, to consider the 2019 report of the Auditor-General in the Northern, Savannah, North-East, Upper East and Upper West Regions.

The sittings, which are expected to last for six days, will see PAC members probe the Public Accounts of Technical Universities and Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, Senior High Schools, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies, among others.

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UW: Civilians Throwing Too Much Insults on Police – GIS PRO

ICO Ibn Yussif Duranah, Upper West Regional Public Relations officer GIS(Left), Upper West Regional Police Commander, DCOP Peter Ndekugri(Right)

Upper West Regional PRO of Ghana Immigration Service Immigration Control Officer, ICO Inn Yussif Duranah Abdul-Mumin Seidu has cautioned Civilians against habitually chastizing Police Officers within the Region over their duties.

He made the statements at Wa Naa’s Palace in a open forum discussion spearheaded by Jimpenhi Naa Kadri Ibrahim, Secretary to the Overlord of Waala Traditional Area on 8th of August 2022.

“let us reduce the bastardization of the security agencies particularly, the police because whatever be the case, we are called to intervene but every now and then, the security agencies Received series of insults as if we’re doing nothing but we’re doing everything, Thank you very much Mba Wa Naa”.


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UW: False Alarms on Terrorism Heightening – Immigration Officer

Ghana Immigration Service

The Upper West Region’s Immigration PRO Immigration Control Officer, ICO , Ibn Yussif Duranah Abdul-Mumin Seidu has Advocated against the Use of Social Media handles to create fear and panic within the Region.

He noted that several people have typed and shared information regarding terrorism and posted on platforms that had resulted in fear and panic. He referred to the development as unfortunate.

“Thank you very much Mba Wa Naa, respectfully Ghana Immigration Service is a state Institution that is not working in isolation, we are always in contact with the respective state security agencies and we are leaving no stone unturned, we’ve subscribed.tonthe maxim of see ‘something say something’, and we urged the people of this beautiful Upper West Region to also subscribe to it, when you see something you’ve got to say something and that will help us, lastly may I respectfully Indicate that the false alarms is putting undue pressure to the security Agencies in Upper West and we therefore suggest that please, whatever you want to put out there to the public domain in this era of sophistication of technology, you might sit in your room and just type something and forward it, the next minute it is all over the globe and that is actually putting pressure on the security agencies.”

He made the statements at Wa Naa’s Palace during an open floor discussion on Security related issues in the Upper West Region.

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Wa: WaSec Old Students Urged To Pay Anniversary Levy

Wa Senior High School

Past Students of Wa Senior High School (WASSOSA)in the Wa Municipality are set to celebrate it’s 50th Anniversary in August after a failed attempt to celebrate it in 2021.

This was as a result of The severity of Coronavirus Pandemic in the previous year.

Each Past Student is to pay Ghc50 per a Statement issued by the Outgoing President of the Association Prof.  Robert Yennah.


Dear Mmabiihi,


As you might be aware, our alma mater, Wa Senior Secondary School was fifty years in November 2021 but, unfortunately, we were not able to celebrate it due to the Covid 19
pandemic. In line with best practices globally, there is every indication that we will be celebrating the golden jubilee in grand style this year with the launch in August 2022.

It is however, important to state that this important celebration cannot be marked with pomp and pageantry without the necessary financial resources. It is against this backdrop that the National Executive Committee decided to levy every member of the association an amount of at least fifty

Ghana Cedis (GHC 50.00) to be paid by the end of September 2022.

Receipt books will be given to some members in the various regions for the collection of the said levies. A dedicated MOMO MTN Number will also be given out to enable those who may wish to pay through that mode to do so.

We look forward to receiving positive responses from all WASSOSA members to enable us organise a successful Golden Jubilee celebration.

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