Babile Market

Upper West Region has several Communities and towns that are developing at a considerable rate but there are some towns that are developing faster than other based on several factors Including location, nature of people there and the skills adapted by people within those areas.

If a place has to be Business friendly, inflation Should not be held in High Esteem, socialization should be key, Residents of the place should have Development goals and passion for Business. Blood type O and A should dominate amongst Residents.

The following are Business friendly towns/Communities in Upper West Region.

Firstly, Hamile, its a border town in the Lambussie District sharing borders with Burkina Faso. Hamile is known for its moderate prices of goods such as rice, Sugar, animals such as cattle etc.

Secondly, Hain, It’s a farming Community in the Jirapa Municipality, Hain is the Bamboi of Upper West Region, Affordable foods are available in Hain including several other Agric produce, Animals such as goats, shea nuts, shea butter etc.

Thirdly, Gwollu, Its the District Capital of Sissala West District, well Known for its Business friendly environment due to its closeness to Borders of Burkina Faso, Lots of things are affordable there Including Motorbikes, Foods such as maize, Cattle, Goats, sheep, Affordable Charcoal, though not encouraged due to the effects of charcoal Business to the environment, Herbal Medicine is produced in Gwollu. Gwollu also has a game reserve called Gbelle Game Reserve.

Fourthly, Babile, a Community in the Lawra Municipality known for its Business friendly nature, Babile market is well recognized in the Upper West Region for it’s low inflation factor.

One can get lots of goods there Including rice, sugar, affordable motorbikes, Shea Butter etc.

Fifthly, Nandom, Nandom is close to Hamile and also close to a Border, this makes it a harmonious Business Environment, Nandom has very affordable goods and other services that lure investors to the area, some of these services include Shea Butter Production, Weaving of Affordable Smocks and Smock Fabrics, Affordable Motorbikes, Animals such as Goats, Sheep, some farm Produce such as Eggs, Rice, Maize etc.

Lastly, Jirapa, Its a Town in the Upper West Region with Moderate Prices of goods and services, rent is moderate in Jirapa, Prices of  smock materials are moderate as well, Jirapa has two Radio Stations currently due to the Business friendly environment for marketing, The Hospitality Industry is booming with the Introduction of Royal Cossy Hills Hotel Also Known as Jirapa Dubai, Several Investors and visitors have stormed the town due the investments there such as Jirapa Dubai.

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