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Warm greetings
I trust you doing well wherever you are now.
Your very person earned my respect when in 2008 my batch came to UDS in heavy numbers and you were the very first person to have put up a private hostel to augment the accommodation challenges then.
You also by then owned one among few regular suppliers of LPG for students consumption.
You also happened to be a colleague royal hunter but senior-most by all standing and thus we both were old students of Kanton Senior High school in Tumu.
Despite all the above, I still wish to opine that, you are a wrecker of the region’s football prospects by your actions and inactions for the past years.
You and your cohorts especially Issah Mahamud Asamoah who claims to champion the concerns of football teams from the Sissala area have done and continue to sabotage teams that are not your favourites or probably seen as” the won’t vote for your candidature” in the chairmanship position.
This move therefore, kill talents than you were employed to nurture.
Have you and your outfit ever thought of why teams from most of the Dagaaba-dominated Districts don’t participate in the second division league?
Places such as Jirapa, Nadowle, Nandom, Lawra and Wiechau don’t participate because of your sheer discrimination, cheating and selfishness cum greed.
Chairman! your penchant for handling teams roughly whose representatives didn’t vote for you in the past elections is legendary.
You are a master in applying selective justice in your line of work and more worrying sometimes goes out of stipulated rules to punish some teams and thus according to your own selfish rules.
Permit me to remind you of some incompetence and ineptitude exhibited in the recent league played:
How would you ask a team to host a match in another team’s home grounds without official notification to the owners of the field?
How do you ban a team from playing at their home just on mere allegations and without any investigation to ascertain the truth?
How do you charge Red carded players from teams in Wa ghc 50 And then charge teams in the Sissala area ghc 200?
Isn’t this an orchestrated thievery from an outfit led by you?
Now, take a look at this,a match was scheduled to be played in Welembelle, the visiting honoured and unfortunately,the officiating officers didn’t honour ostensibly for reasons best known to them but only, for you to write a letter re-scheduling the match and hence the visiting to spend resources and time again? A journey that is more than 17 miles.
Bum! There we go with another shameful and unrepenting letter from Upper West Regional Football Association awarding marks to the home team of which the visiting team had earlier officially communicated their reasons for not been able to honour the re-schedules match.
Clap hands for yourself chairman.
All participated team paid for officiating for every home match.
But after every home match, the host team was still forced to part for fuel of referees.
What have you used the money paid for?
Will you tell the whole world how come Wa dark horses and Busa Golden FC were fined last last season though they didn’t pay, the were allowed to participate but others in the Sissala area were forced to cough out the fine?
For every home match, the hosting team spends not less than Ghc 50 on every police officer minus their fuel to venue and not less than 2 police officers any match day.
An official letter could not have been written to the Regional police command for subsequent communication to the Municipalities and Districts to support with security at match venues.
But letters were written just for personal interests.
How come you catered for a rescheduled match between Wa Dark horses and Wa Power Sporting Club after a riot disrupted it on an earlier schedule?
How on earth will a staff of RFA write a protest letter on behalf of a team and boldly had his name written and signature signed for the team?
How do you expect football in the Region to develop?
Please take retrospective scrutiny of your actions and inactions so far as your administration is concerned in that office.
I am not here to please you but wake you up from slumber.
Have a wonderful day!

Ayamga Bawa Fatawu
A Youth Activist

By Upper West Media

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