Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakur, Senior State Attorney

The Senior State Attorney to Upper West Region,  Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakur Has explained what Blasphemy is and what its implication is on Religion.

Lawyer Hammer Shakur writes


the action or offence of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk.
“he was detained on charges of blasphemy”

Let us say for the purposes of this discussion . The divinity of Jesus Christ is at the heart of Christiandom. The entire faith is hinged on that . A person who questions or denies it is acting blasphemously. Islam is categorical clear on the status of Jesus Christ in religion. What that means is that anytime a Muslim preaches on the status on Jesus Christ he will be acting blasphemously.
If we stretch our idea of blasphemy so backwardly nobody will be alive to worship.
Religion is not the problem the problem is the brainless adherents.


Source: Sungmaale FM

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