The Chiefs and people of the Wa East district in the Upper West are demanding the removal of the Australia mining company, Azumah Resources from their farm lands purported to be a mining concession of Azumah where it is currently prospecting for gold.

The Chiefs demand came after they alleged that, the mining company is operating without their consent and the company went further to implore the services of military protection after the company resolves that small scale miners operating in Duo, a village under the Wa East district are encroaching on its concession.

This has led to the company seeking for the services of the military to chase the small scale miners from its purported mining concession.

In a press conference organised on Wednesday February 27, 2019 by the paramount chiefs, sub chiefs and people of Wa East at the forecourt of Wa Naa’s palace who serves as the overlord of the Waala traditional area, the people demonstrated their disappointment with the leadership of the district and the Regional Coordinating Council, hence quizzed the long silence of the Regional Security Council over the humiliation and brutalisation of citizens within the district by soldiers implored by Azumah.
Chiefs and People of Wa East District
“It is very sad to relate that the chiefs and people of the Wa East district are under the siege and rampant attack by the military Azumah Resources has stationed in the Wa East area.

Instead of the military stationed in the region to promote peace and stability in the region, they are unleashing violence and mayhem to the chiefs and people of the Wa East area in the name of the so called protection of the environment but in reality they are protecting the interest of Azumah resources, a foreign company illegally operating in the Wa East” the statement noted.

Naa Djongara Mahama, who read the statement on behalf of the people indicated that, the actions of the military in the area made it impossible for farmers to go to their farms again as they are been taken as small scale miners and face them with frustration, tormenting their lives and that of their animals being confiscated by the military.

“For time now, the actions of the military in the Wa East district of the Upper West Region has left sour test in the mouths of the residents there.They are under the brutalities of soldiers as no one person in the area can venture to go to their farms anymore especially in the impending farming season. It must be mentioned that the people of Wa East are mainly farmers and small scale miners and have no other source of livelihood” he noted.
Meanwhile, the President of the Upper West Small Scale Miners Association, Alhaj Iddrisu Abdulai addressing the press, stated that, they will embark on a massive demonstration to register their displeasure after government called them for a training with a promise that, they will be given a concession to also mine but has failed to for fill the promise after they finished the training about three months ago.

He added that, an ultimatum of one week has been given and if nothing is done, they will pour on the principal streets of the regional capital with their families and love ones.
Mr. Abdulai stressed that, the mining company will only get a peace of mind to go on with its prospecting exercise if only it comes to a consensus to release part of the concession to they the small scale miners to also occupy adding that”the land belongs to our fathers so we cannot sit down and allow a stranger to come and take what belongs to us”.
However, all attempts made to reach out to the Australia mining company, Azumah Resources proved futal.

By: Radio Waa

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