Mr. Nadi Sanda Imoro, DCE of Daffiamah Bussie Issah District.

Residents of Kungkpenaa Yiri in the Bussie East Electoral Area of the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa District have lamented the inadequate sources of potable water in the community.

They noted that women have to wake up at dawn to join along queues at the only borehole in the community to search for potable water for domestic purposes.

The people bemoaned that, only one borehole serve the people in the area and they depend on wells as alternative sources of water when the single borehole is at fault.

Speaking in an interview with Info Radio in the community, Madam Esther Bayor, a resident, noted that during the dry season, the community members face challenge with water which she described as worrying.

She indicated that because of the huge population depending on one borehole, it frequently breaks down.

She added that they spend precious time in searching for water for domestic uses.

Madam Bayor noted that the community contributes to maintain the borehole but with the economic hardships recently experienced in the country, they face challenges with the contributions.

According to her, the borehole which is currently supplying the community with water was maintained by the Assembly Member at his own cost, when it last broke down.

Meanwhile, the Assembly Member for area, Evans Gandibu, noted the District Assembly has not provided any community in his Electoral Area with a borehole since he took over office in 2019.

Mr. Gandibu noted that his Electoral Area currently depends on a borehole donated by the Member of Parliament, Dr. Sebastian Sandaare since the MP’s first term in office from 2017.

He said over 2,000 people in his Electoral Area depend on only three boreholes which is a source of worry to him.

He said he has written proposals to the government as well as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) but was yet to receive response from them.

Source: Bamele Zaga Alex

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