Assembly Member for Mwankuri Electoral Area

The Assembly Member for Mwankuri Electoral Area Hon. K Evans has alleged that the Municipal Chief Executive of Jirapa Hon. Nicholas Soyiri has involved himself in a fertilizer scandal. He explained that the central government issued farm inputs to the upper West Region which was shared to all Municipal and District Executives to be given to Assembly Members, Electoral Area Coordinators, Constituency Executives, Polling station executives, Council of Elders, Identified groups, Traditional Rulers, Clergy and 50 farmers within a polling station.

“What is really happening in Jirapa municipality? Is there any restoration to repair the leakages in the Municipal Assembly better to restore hope in the assembly members, if this really happen. As Hon. Assembly members they cannot really comprehend what the assembly is going through in recent times. For they seems to be a lot of scandalous developments in the assembly and breaches of the standing orders these days.”

“Many people would have thought they would never experience things like this in Jirapa if not the current MCE. The latest among these countless scandals is fertilizer which came from Central government through the regional coordinating council. All districts in the upper west region have received and have distributed them according to the plan. However, our MCE claimed these things will not reach the beneficiaries and he is keeping them”.Hon. Evans added.

Speaking on Gangaa Yelemenga Drive with Francis Edward Dongyiri, he said Hon. Lawyer Nicholas Soyiri even claimed this fertilizer which is 350 bags according to his own words cannot reach 53 assembly members even if we are to pair 3 per a bag.

“What is scandalous than keeping seasonal item like fertilizer unjustifiably as the MCE.

It is so surprising of the fact that he was even silent on this until members started agitating for these items (fertilizer, weedicide, cutlasses and wellington boots).”

Source: Francis Edward Dongyiri/ Gangaa Fm

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