Sabuli Health Facility

Farmers in the Jirapa municipal are expecting good rains for better yields this year however, the way and manner in which it has started has left so many hearts panicking as it carries a very fierce storm alongside.

Sabuli Health center in the Jirapa municipal of upper west region had its share of the fierce storm yesterday at about 5:00pm when it fiercely tripped off the only delivery room in the facility.

According to the nurse on duty,all documents in the room were soaked with water and they had to relocate to an uncompleted room in the facility.That is where they are currently using waiting for any help that might come their way.

This has made their work difficult as so many vital information would be lost due to this unforeseen incident.

The storm has also taken away two rooms of the apartment of the Roman Catholic catchist of the community.

Source: Gangaa FM

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