Power Supply Interrupted in Sections of Upper West

The people of Jirapa have registered their displeasure on the manner in which electricity have been see-sawing in Jirapa Municipality.

Dumsor have been a traffic designed in Jirapa Municipal which led to damage of properties, business and increase in criminal act in the municipal.

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have issued a press release on how incompetent the current NPP government initiated Ghana into the institution of Dumsor.


Concerned Citizens Raise Alarm over Increased ‘Dumsor’ in the Jirapa Municipality

Jirapa, August 7th, 2023 – The irregular supply of electricity in the country, popularly known as ‘Dumsor’, has become a significant worry and concern for well-meaning citizens in the Jirapa Municipality of the Upper West Region. Hardly a day passes without inhabitants of the Jirapa Municipality experiencing power outages, negatively impacting businesses, damaging electrical appliances and the daily lives of residents.

While power outages are not entirely new in Ghana, what has raised concerns is the perceived lack of transparency and effective solutions from the current Nana Akuffo-Addo/Dr. Bawumia-led government. Past regimes have addressed similar issues transparently and implemented measures to resolve the irregular supply of electric power. For instance, under the John Dramani Mahama government, concrete plans were implemented, including the introduction of power plants, to ensure constant electric flow.

However, the current administration seems to be playing hide and seek with the electricity crisis, which has led to damaging consequences for citizens. The recent Ameri novation scandal further deepened mistrust, as the government failed to provide a sincere apology and kept Ghanaians in the dark, leaving them with unanswered questions and doubts.

The situation is particularly dire in the Jirapa Municipality, where continuous power outages have become the norm than the exception and have crippled businesses and made life unbearable for residents. The lack of consistent electricity has resulted in the damage of electrical appliances, such as fridges, televisions, and irons. Moreover, the increase in nighttime power outages has inadvertently facilitated the activities of thieves and armed robbers, putting innocent lives at risk and creating an atmosphere of fear and insecurity.

The absence of adequate lighting at night has also hampered business activities, hindering both buyers and sellers from conducting transactions safely.
I would pad the shoulders of the Municipal security agencies on their efforts to clamp down crimes during this erratic supply of power to the municipality.
The deteriorating state of roads in the Municipality has exacerbated the situation, making it highly unattractive for both residents and potential investors.

In light of these challenges, concerned citizens are calling on the government to take immediate action to address the irregular electricity supply in the Jirapa Municipality. We urge the government to provide transparent information about the current state of the power supply and present a concrete plan to resolve the crisis.

It is our hope that the government will prioritize the well-being of its citizens and work diligently to restore electricity stability in the Jirapa Municipality.

For media inquiries, please contact;
N-ekabong Vitalis B.
Communication Officer
+233 24 750 7323.

SOURCE: Francis Edward Dongyiri/ Gangaa Fm

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