Naa Puowelle Karbo, Paramount Chief of Lawra

Naa Puowele Karbo III, the Chief of Lawra Traditional Area who is also the Vice President of Upper West Regional House of Chiefs as well as the Vice President of the National House of Chiefs, said that though the chieftaincy institution is one of the critical institutions for the development of the nation, it remains the least resourced.

Naa Karbo cited the chief’s role to include disputes settlements, justice administration, and the most accessible leadership for community life.

He commended The Church of Pentecost for the recognition and pledged his support for the initiative. He stressed the need for the church to assign competent persons who could facilitate the ministry to the palace since there could be conflicting beliefs between the gospel and some aspects of culture.

“We are ready to work with you, but if you bring people who tell us that our culture is demonic and the white man’s culture is the best, we will not listen to you. Bring us people who can engage,” he said.

Tiisah Naa Zakaria Abdul Aziz, the Representative of Wa Naa, on his part, said that there has been a long-standing relationship between The Church of Pentecost and Wa Naa palace, and expressed the appreciation of the overlord for the sustained relationship. He taunted the Chieftaincy Ministry initiative as timely and called for the support of all.

The Committee Members of the newly launched Wa Area Chieftaincy Ministry are Pastor Kofi Adu Sarfo (Co-ordinator), Elder Adams Bacho (Vice Co-ordinator), and Elder Akanvariwon (Secretary).

Others are Elder Daniel Tuozie, Elder Naa Saabon Sabastian, Elder Joseph Mwinianaa, and Elder Moses Abu.

Among the many Chiefs and Queen Mothers were Naa Dauda Kubo, representative of Wechiau Naa; Naa Pogenaa Kenseni, Queen Mother of Wechiau Traditional Area; Nyaasung Naa Mogtar, Dugu Naa Ishaku Mahama, Dikurey Naa Sufyan Mahama, and Kunfaabiala Naa Jonyouhi, all of Wala Traditional Area.

Others were Elder Naa Jacob Yebaar, Elder Naa Sebastian Saabom all Elders of The Church of Pentecost from Lawra Traditional Area. Also in attendance were Elder Naa Joseph Nyuur-Ire, Elder Naa Maxwell N. Yelpoe, and Donglabong Dinaa, Regent Justice all from Jirapa Traditional Area.

The rest were Naa Yirinoba Dominic Domanaang, Kanyi Guasi Naa; Naa Yilidon Kulipli Songmene, in-charge of Chakali Community; Naa Nagua Anmwiekenjeng, Second-in-command to Daffiamah Naa, and Naa Kpangbare of Daffiamah Traditional Area.


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