fortune builders sharif ghaliFortune builders is a micro finance business venture in Wa Municipal. They save, invest and help people to acquire materials they needed. People have been complaining of not being able to access their monies off-late. Upper west media had an interview with one of the customers with name (withheld) and she complained she went to withdraw her money for a purpose and she was being tossed to go and come, she was also told they are processing her document  and this took about 5 days without her being able to access the amount. She was told her name was part of a surprise package and that she has to wait.

It was alleged the manager of the firm Mr. Sharif Ghali who is  representing the PNC  on the parliamentary ticket for 2016 in Wa Central has been using monies of people in the firm to sponsor his political campaign. People have complained bitterly that even their phone calls are not being answered.

Most People have the feeling they may soon be joining DKM, Diamond Winners,  Emakpa, Lime Paradise and the likes to escape with monies.

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