A group of basic school teachers within Upper West have called for Former Circuit Supervisor Bombason Seidu to be factual by mentioning names instead of speculating around and tarnishing the hard earned reputation of GES.

The teachers who requested for anonymity added that Bombason Seidu is only an attention seeker who talks too much yet has poor records himself.
They added that if he was a saint himself he wouldn’t have been sacked from the position of PTA chairman when he was at Wa Technical Institute for malfeasance of Public Funds.

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They suggested it was such monies he used for the construction of his building by Wa School for the Blind.
They added that he should swear he has never been influenced by some these teachers.

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They concluded by adding that he should state the names of those with fake certificates to the relevant authorities for swift action to avert future calamities.

Per the description of the building constructed by Mr. Bombason and its location, upperwestmedia was able to identify and take images of it.
Upperwestmedia was also able to confirm that Mr. Bombason Seidu was Replaced as PTA chairman for allegedly recording a similar audio in 2018 where he referred to some staff in the school as devils in sheep clothing.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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