Mr. Jonathan Abesig was reportedly Pronounced as Chief of Kokoligu

The Gyoder Royal Family of Kokoligu has petitioned the Paramount Chief of Nandom, Naa Prof. Edmund Delle Chiir VIll after After Mr. Jonathan Abesig was professed as the Newly enskinned chief of Kokoligu on several platforms including Facebook.

In a letter Dated 12th November 2022, some Members of the Kokoligu Royal Family in Nandom Municipality issued a statement expressing their aversion with the development. The Petition was signed by Theodulo Muokuu, Head of the Gyoder Family and Endorsed by 11 others.

The group suggested the post shared by JBAonline is to enthuse a few group of people with a parochial interested rather than a mutual Traditional process agreed upon by Traditional leaders and elders.

Statement from JBAonline

The Royal Family of Kokoligu has chosen their
The “kyeeb” (chieftaincy items) were received by the Nandom Paramountcy on Monday 07.11.2022.
Details of his enskinment will be
communicated later.
Let’s congratulate him
Ni Barka
Thank you”

Statement of the Petition


We the undersigned members of the Gyoder royal family led by the head of the Gyoder/Zuwerah Royal family; Mr. Theodulo Muokuu officially write to your good office to register our displeasure about a proclamation that was made on social media to the effect that the royal family of Kokoligu has chosen one Jonathan Abesig as their chief and that the nomination was accepted by the Nandom Traditional Council.

We wish to state emphatically, that the Gyoder Royal family which comprises the families of Debzie, Baanuo, Zuwerah, Muokuu, Tengan, Tiryeng and Debpuur has not chosen Jonathan Wadeyir Abesig as the chief of Kokoligu.

The selection/nomination of a chief has always been based on broader consultations among members
of the royal family. However, contrary to this age old practice, the Debpuur family, led by one Joachim Sieningan surreptitiously introduced Jonathan Wadeyir Abesig who is their son to the traditional council as the chief of Kokoligu. We are therefore serving a notice and notice is hereby served that Jonathan Abesig is not the choice of the Royal family and we will resist any attempt to install him as the chief of Kokoligu.

We are by this petition seeking the following:

6. That the traditional council stops Jonathan Abesig from holding himself as the chief of Kokoligu

7. That the traditional council suspends any plan to install Jonathan Abesig as the chief of Kokoligu until the entire royal family led by the family head presents a candidate when broader consultations are done.

8. That in the spirit of fairness which is devoid of malice, the traditional council should summon us
to also hear our side of the story.

9. That the selection/ nomination of ą candidate is the sole preserve of the entire Gyoder royal family and not a certain Joachim Sieningan.

10. That the traditional council should not impose anybody on us.

We are well aware that a petition was written by members of the Debzie family on the 8h of November, 2022 to the traditional council raising similar concerns of which no action was taken by the traditional council even after promising them a fair hearing. We wish to state that, the entire Gyoder royal family associate ourselves with the petition and re-petition that were written by the Debzie family and would want that we should be given the opportunity to be heard.

It is our hope that the traditional council led by His Royal Majesty Naa Prof. N Delle Chiir VIll would act on this petition with the urgency that it deserves.

We thank you in our anticipation for a fair hearing.

NB; Find attached the names of petitioners

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